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About Us

Welcome to SM64Hacks.com! We have since July 2015 worked hard to list all the information about edited "hacked" versions of Super Mario 64. Our goal is to make these more available to the public. We are the first website with the goal of listing all the hacks of Super Mario 64, and we make it as easy for you as possible to play. All hacks have a recommended version, all is pre-patched, and it's open foreveryone for free.

I'm Vidoy, the creator and webmaster of SM64Hacks. I have played Super Mario 64 a lot while growing up, and I have played rom hacks of various games for over 10 years, and I like nothing more than a good fanmade game, hack or not. I've made this website as the Super Mario 64 hacks never had a real home(page). Only a fraction of the hacks are to find on other rom hack websites, most are scattered around in YouTube videos and in large zip-files compiled by fans. I've decided that it's time to make a homepage, and lots of people have volunteered. We thank you all for your work.

About Us
People have hacked games for over a decade, to make new levels and new fun with the games they love. In the late 2000's, a tool called Toad's Tool 64 was released, allowing people to throughly edit Super Mario 64 for the first time. Within 2012, over 15 hacks of Super Mario 64 had been made, and the amount has more or less doubled itself every year since.

In the start, most of these hacks were submitted to hack websites hosting various game hacks, although in the later years, a lot of hacks haven't made it to these website for various reasons. Instead, they have been scattered around in youtube videos, forums, and large .zip files, they were hard to find. To get the full sortiment, and the newest hacks, you had basically to know the right people, or spend a lot of time looking, or download large files full of hacks you didn't want. Some of them also had to be patched, which is something that can be hard to do for anyone.

In the summer of 2015, the domain sm64hacks.com was registered by Vidoy (me). The website was set up with the help of my friends from Twitch, who streams a lot of these hacks regularly. My vision was to make a complete website not only for the rom hacking community, but for everyone who enjoys Super Mario 64 and their fanmade editions. All the hacks are available pre-patched, so you may simply download the hack of your choice, open it in your favorite emulator, and play. Enjoy!

These people are volunteers that has made SM64Hacks.com happen, and made it into what it is today. You are all highly appreciated. We always need more volunteers, so if you would like to help out, please PM me!

MelonSpeedrunsWebsite and forum setup, logo and graphics design, forum tutorials, adding and altering hack information
Nekomimi_Adding and altering hack information
MegaqwertificationAdding and altering lots of hacks and information, improvement suggestions and fixes
MopplopmopplopWriting tutorials and information in wiki

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