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Welcome to SM64Hacks! - MelonSpeedruns - 05-27-2015

Hello, and welcome to SM64Hacks! We are really happy to introduce you to those forums where we will try out best to make you have a good relation with anybody.

Our Team :
Vidoy - Webmaster and website owner
MelonSpeedruns - Manager of the forums & GFX Artist
Nekomimi_ - Manager of the forums & hack database responsible
Agyroth - Manager of the forums & hack database responsible

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you posting threads and participating in the forums!

RE: Welcome to SM64Hacks! - Nekomimi_ - 05-28-2015

Don't forget that mega awesome guy, oh, what's his name, I think it was Nekomimi_, I hear he's an awesome guy