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Project 64k (Online)
Project 64k

[Image: pj64klogo.png]

The most popular emulator for online play, with Kaillera support, a NetPlay system allowing people to play online without a server (Peer-to-Peer). You may use this to play online with your friends from all over the world, but the closer the better.

Project 64k is somehow outdated, and even the creator of this project recommends using Mupen64++ to play online instead. Below is a list of games and hacks, an how they work in the emulators while playing online.

Green = Working
Yellow = Working, if you take precautions
Red = Barely/Not Working

GameProject 64kMupen64++
Super Smash Bros 64Do not select "Random Stage"Gameshark.dll implemented to unlock all
Mario Kart 643-4 player only with Speed GlitchWorking
StarFox 64WorkingWorking
Super Mario 64 MultiplayerWorkingWorking
Super Mario Star Road MultiplayerWorkingWorking
Mario Party 1-3DesyncronizesWorking
Perfect DarkDesyncronizesWorking
Diddy Kong RacingDesyncronizesWorking
F-Zero XDesyncronizesWorking
Snowboard Kids 2DesyncronizesWorking
Conker's bad Fur DayDesyncronizesWorking

Version Recommendation

The Standard Version 0.13 is still recommended by the author for the best experience. However, Mupen64++ is much more recommended by everyone.
0.13 Standard version:
.zip (Size: 3.04 MB / Downloads: 8 577)

P.S: You and everyone playing with you must have the same version of Project64k to play together.


This GIF shows you how to simply setup the game for online play.
[Image: htFOscB.gif]

A more describing guide is available at

Visit Website
The developer's blog is the most known website, containing downloads and some tips and tricks to speed it up.

However, the official website is


VersionDownloadDesctiptionRelease Date
.zip (Size: 3.04 MB / Downloads: 8 577)
The newest stable version.September 28th 2012
.zip (Size: 3.04 MB / Downloads: 8 577)
The standard and most recommended version. Based on Project64 1.4Agust 1st 2003

Versions based on Project64 2.2 is available here:
SM64Hacks is 100% non-profit Mario

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