Star Revenge 7.5: Kedowser's Return
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How do I ROM Hack?
(04-10-2018, 08:50 PM)Ak-64 Wrote: So, you know how all these amazing people spend their time trying to make awesome ROM Hacks, right?  Well, the thing is, I don't know where to create a ROM Hack.  I've been looking to see if there's this thing where you can create a ROM Hack here, I just can't find anything.  So, please, tell me, if you know how to make a ROM Hack.

this thread might be helpful to you:
but the main tools that romhackers usually use are:  toads tool 64, a modelling program(i prefer blender- its free!), and sm64 editor...
and if your really smart than you should get cajeasm and a hex editor but thats only for custom code.  not necessary but check kaze emanuars channel.

if this helped then leave a + 1 reputation   Yoshi Kappa

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