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New Host Found!
We are happy to announce that we've found a new host for our hacks! Yoshi We apologize for all of the website issues this year, and we hope we can finally put all of this behind us as soon as the download library is restored.

Our new host is ShareMods.com, and we are currently in the process of moving all the hacks over there. Most of the recommended versions of hacks should already be downloadable.

ShareMods.com has a difference from other hosts, in that the website shares its advertising revenue with the uploader, so a small amount of money will be paid out for each download. We want to assure everyone that this is a very low income, and will mainly cover our server costs. Any surplus will be reinvested back into the community, as SM64Hacks is 100% non-profit Mario To prove we stay true to our word, an open accounting section will soon be available, where all our costs and incomes will be found.

We've thought of many ways to spend a potential surplus, like a hacking competition with prizes, or to improve our website, or to help other related websites or projects grow. If you have any ideas, feel free to post it in our forums.

Note! We are aware of a captcha-related error while registering, we will attempt to fix this shortly. If you need a forum account immediately, please contact Vidoy#8767 on Discord.
SM64Hacks is 100% non-profit Mario

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