Star Revenge 2.5: Remnant of Doom
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Dungeon-Type Level Savestates?
* I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post in. If it doesn't belong here, let me know and I'll post it where it should belong.
Hey, all. I'm making a hack that has some dungeons, and I was wondering, what good dungeon-type levels, like the Wakati Castle stages from Star Revenge 7 and Star Revenge 7.5. As good as the SR series is, I'm still playing through them, and I plan to in sequential order. So, I was wondering if I could possibly get some savestates to the dungeon-type levels. Any well-designed dungeon-type levels will do, not just the Wakati Castle stages.
 - Nicholas | Retro Reviver
Cancer Design Castle in Act 1 Star Revenge 2 to the Moon can be accessed with 0 stars.
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I thought it would be like a rpg and dungeon kind of rom I still play it with out rpg it just that no one done it yet

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