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Form submission: New Hack Submission
Title of Hack: Gay Baby Jail 64: The Collection

Description: The trilogy of famous meme hacks played by SimpleFlips himself. All 3 of these hacks were created by me, but at the time they went public I kept my identity anonymous. Now I'm releasing them all to the public for everyone to enjoy.

Hack Type: SM64

Total Stars: ---

Required Stars: ---

Proposed Hack Difficulty: 1 - Requires frequent use of wall-kicks or challenging jumps

Creator(s): Rovert

YouTube Video Link:

Wiki Link:

Other hack info: This hack contains mature content [18+]

Apply as Hack Creator: Yes, I would like to apply as a Hack Creator on the website.

Downloads: Release: 9/9/18

-GBJ 2
-GBJ Prequel

Request safe storage: No


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