Yoshi's Adventure 64
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Form submission: New Hack Submission
Title of Hack: Super Original Meme Hack 64 (release)

Description: I really want to ki... I mean game end myself.

Its a hack, but I fill 7 levels with memes. DO NOT PLAY UNLESS YOU ARE 13+

Thanks to sm64hacks for not updating the link on the hack download list!

Hack Type: SM64

Total Stars: 50

Required Stars: 50

Proposed Hack Difficulty: 4 - Only for above-average players (Extreme Edition)

Creator(s): GraymonDgt

YouTube Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hj2C-ltium0&t=25s

Wiki Link:

Other hack info:

Apply as Hack Creator: Yes, I would like to apply as a Hack Creator on the website.

Downloads: Version 2.0
Additional Contributors: None
Changes: Completed the Hack, added some stupid sound effects.

Request safe storage:


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