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Form submission: New Hack Submission
Title of Hack: SM64 1 Life = 1 A Press

Description: Super Mario 64 but every life mushroom has been replaced with an A press. You can only use your A button by using up your collected A Presses. If you run out, your A Button is disabled. To make the game more enjoyable, extra A Presses have been added in various locations.

Hack Type: SM64

Total Stars: 120

Required Stars:

Proposed Hack Difficulty: 2 - Contains some more difficult challenges or puzzles

Creator(s): 8lue64

YouTube Video Link:

Wiki Link:

Other hack info: This hack has large amounts of ASM / Custom coding

Apply as Hack Creator: Yes, I would like to apply as a Hack Creator on the website.

Downloads: Version: 1.0
Release Date: 17 March 2018

Request safe storage: No


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