Super Mario 74 Extreme Edition
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Form submission: New Hack Submission
Title of Hack: Hotel Mario 64

Description: Enter one level! Lots of "unique" areas! Gripping dialogue! Truly reminiscent of the memescapes of the past. Collect all eight stars today!

Hack Type: SM64

Total Stars: 8

Required Stars: 8

Proposed Hack Difficulty: 0 - As easy as the original game

Creator(s): Cheezepin

YouTube Video Link:

Wiki Link:

Other hack info:

Apply as Hack Creator: Yes, I would like to apply as a Hack Creator on the website.

Downloads: Version: 1.1
Release Date: February 20th, 2019
Additional Contributors: RainbowKappaTV
Changes: Fixed the death floor on floor 2.

Request safe storage:


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