Super Mario Rainbow Road
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Vore mod request
If anyone knows what vore is can someone make a vore mod for sm64 where you get most of the start off by being swallowed by princess peach and then you meet a bob-om who says "you accidentally got swallowed by princess peach fortunately she is one of the star children so you can get out by activating the stars in peach's body" then the open world is all stomach but the lvls are magical places because she's one of the 7 star children just start the game by having mario jump into peach and then he teleports to magical world inside peach maybe call it peach's inside story. PLZ Star :v

Maybe jsut put some of peach's body's stomach walls obstacles along with intestine and you can make acid that burns you like lava in open world it would be cool want full hack done like sm64 shining stars, brutal mario 64, ect. 151 stars in the game please someone make the rom hack for me Heart only reason i ask is because i have no mod skill would do myself but it seems impossible right now.

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