Shining Stars 3: Sanctuary of the Star Comet
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First Project
Sup yall, Since Im new to hacking in general and Im also a new user I figured I'd post a thread. I've been working on two hacks for about a month now and Im just finishing up one that is a single level hack like Final Star and whenever I get around to putting it online, I'd appreciate feedback on it. Im psoting this to I guess raise awareness about it. If this is the wrong place to do that let me know. Anyway, Its not meant to be super difficult, something people who've played most of, or beaten SM64 as well as seasoned players can enjoy I hope. I have not learned how to change dialogue, or signs so you can ignore them in the level (unless i figure it out before I upload it). Also I have not learned how make it so you spawn at the beginning of the level again if you die or collect a star instead of coming out of the painting but you can keep playing the game normally once you beat this level if you want just collect a star and exit through the painting.

ANYWAY, the story of the level since I cant put it in the levels dialogue yet is this:

King Bob-Omb, and King Whomp have teamed up and killed Bowser to take over the kingdom themselves. First, they want to torture Mario though by forcing him to do a challenge. He must scale their fortress, find all 8 red coins, find 100 coins, defeat King Bob-Omb and King Whomp and then find out how hes supposed to get all the way back to the starting point for his stars. (though if you collect any of them besides the 100 coin star that spawns near you when you earn it youll just leave the level).

Mario is forced to face Jump Mans Challenge

Heres a hint for getting back to the beginning: its in the corner of his room

The stupid thing wont let me post a picture. Says its got an error or some stupid s**t. Oh well

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You can change any kind of ingame text using one of these two tools: SM64 Text Wrangler or SM64 Text Manager (I would suggest using the Manager, but the Wrangler isn’t bad too).

As for your problem with the spawn, you can put two warps inside the desired level itself and make it so that collecting a star (victory warp, ID 240) sends you to the first warp and dying (failure warp, ID 241) sends you to the second one. If you haven’t watched it already, I suggest looking at this tutorial about warps, it’s pretty useful: .

Good luck with the making of your hack Mario
Feel free to promote hacks, hehe Yoshi

Just poppin' by to say that the hack is now published, at

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