Star Revenge 8: Scepter of Hope
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Bowser’s Evil Test
Hello everyone! Some of you might already know me from Twitch, but here I am on as well. But anyways, here is the (major) hack I’m currently working on.

It’s called Bowser’s Evil Test and (eventually) will be a full hack with 130+ stars and everything. I am however working kinda slowly on it so who knows when it will be released in its full extent.
The story: Bowser has kidnapped Mario! Yes, not even that useless Peach this time... because why would he need to kidnap her again? Then he put Mario into his own wacky castle with challenges he crafted especially to test Mario. Bowser also plans his revenge for when Mario escapes his castle, because this time he is aware of the higher beings controlling Mario in his world.
This means that this hack is trying to be a medium difficulty one, but eventually there should be an extreme version of it as well.

And finally, here’s how some of the finished parts so far look like:

Course 1 (Elemental Fortress):
[Image: eWnFnrkl.png]
[Image: UfHpRBSl.jpg]
(thanks to BroDute for the 3D trees and Tomatobird8 for testing the level twice. It will probably be changed more.)

Overworld 1:
[Image: 8LNLaU0l.png]

If you want to play some of this, here’s a course 1-only demo: . Feedback will be appreciated. Enjoy!  Yoshi
Looks sweet Yoshi I've added the demo to the hacks list, at

I like your course design, simple yet intruiging. Hope it's done soon Mario

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