Super Mario Cyclone Fighter
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The Great ToDo list
Welcome to The Great ToDo List Mario  This is a lot of what needs to be done on the website. As many of the current volunteers have a lot to do elsewhere, we are in need of anyone who wants to help! If you want to help, please send a PM to me (Vidoy) or post below what you can/would like to do, and we'll be in touch! 

Rewards for volunteering
  • Your name/username on the about page as a volunteer
  • By request, a professional certificate which can be used in a resume
  • Great volunteers may be entitled to a percentage of any donations
  • And of course, the joy of helping, being part of a team and making they joy of mario hacks available to everyone.

ToDo List:

Hacks and Database
  • Adding new Super Mario 64 hacks to our hack database
  • Adding missing information like stars, difficulty and other to the database
  • Adding Super Mario 64 hack tools to the database
  • Make hack list sortable by name, size, stars, creator and others
  • Making a five-star rating system for the hacks
  • Makinf a five-flame rating system for the hack difficulty
  • Making a comment system for hacks, for both users and guests
  • Making a system for posting professional reviews of hacks
  • Making, or integrating an existing download system into our portal, for hack tools
  • Making our website more SEO friendly
  • Making a user-friendly system for adding and editing rom hack information
  • Making more banners and logos for the header image
  • Writing a newbie guide, helping new interested people to play hacks
  • Adding more information about rom hacks on
  • Making tutorials for using hack tools
  • Forum moderation

We thank you for all help, great or small. Suggestions are also welcome, and especially if you can help making them happen. If you want to help us, please send a PM to me (Vidoy) or post a message below. Remember to say what you'd like to help with  Mario
I'm happy to help with whatever needs to be done, but I don't have any expertise in coding or SM64 hacking. 

I probably have the time to make some quality banners. Would you want them in the same style as the current ones?
Could I please make a pack of all the hacks, so if anyone wants to download all of them, they don't have to download them all individually?
(07-15-2016, 08:34 PM)Thegeniusyoshi Wrote: Could I please make a pack of all the hacks, so if anyone wants to download all of them, they don't have to download them all individually?

Sounds like a good idea. Mario Unfortunately we don't have the space for it, so you will have to upload it yourself, I recommend PM me the link and I'll add it to the hacks page Yoshi
I can send your infos about the missing infos about the dif and the stars from some hacks if your whant
Wonderful Yoshi please do
Hey There,

Albeit a newbie, I do have some experience with web design, and I know a few guys who do stuff of a professional grade.
Anything web-based, I could help!

Illuminati ThatDom Illuminati
I think is not a good idea more hack compatible with the multiplayer mode (Cjes's Luigi Model)

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