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Super Mario 64 - Toad's Tool 64 Tutorial !
Super Mario 64 is one of the few editable games where you cannot edit all in one simple program. The game can be edited in many different ways, and different programs are used for each part. Also, be careful! The game might easily break if something's done wrong!

Before we do anything

You will need the original ROM file of Super Mario 64, here is a working link. (Watch for ads) Note that the crew who made SM64 had to compress the file a lot due to the low storage capacity back then, so to be able to edit the ROM, we need to expand it, or "extend" it, to revert the compression process that they did.

Simply download the Super Mario 64 ROM Extender 1.3b, load in the ROM, and let it do its magic. Once the program says Done!, close the Extender. You will have a new file, probably in the same folder, called Super Mario 64.ext.v64. This file is the extended SM64 ROM that we will be editing.

Now, it's time to edit our ROM!
Already? For sure! Let's start by something basic like replacing a butterfly with a star.

For that, you will need Toad's Tool 64 which is a tool that will allow us to do a lot of things like moving objects and replacing them.
You can get the program over here.

One it's downloaded, extract it somewhere and open it. You will be welcomed with a nice splash screen.
Click somewhere on the window to let the program open. (Or else, you will wait forever.)

Once that is done, the program will ask you to open your Extended ROM.
Remember the file called Super Mario 64.ext.v64? Open that one!
After that, the program will start loading everything you need to edit Super Mario 64. Just wait a little and Castle Grounds should eventually appear!

The program should now look like this :

[Image: lvFjdDJ.png]

If you got that, then you're ready to start hacking!

First step, you want to select the object we want. In this case, we wanted to replace a butterfly with a star.
To do that, click on the Select Object button next to the Rotate Cam button which is on right of the screen.
It should look like this :

[Image: h8cki3M.png]

On you did that, click on one of those tiny red boxes next to the signpost. (No the big cube in front of it!)
By doing that, you will select it.
If you look on the left, in the yellow Set Object Combo box, you will see that the selected object is a butterfly.
That means that you successfully selected the butterfly!

Now, if you want to change the butterfly to a star, it's piece of cake!
First of all, we want to list the objects by alphabet order.
For that, just click on the ABC next to the little X of the Set Object Combo box.
After that, scroll down and search for the Star object.
The last step, you guessed it? Just click on it!

And there you go, you successfully replaced an object in the game!
Now, what if you want to move it?

Search for the Move tool which should look like this :

[Image: 2pwwk4O.png]

To move an object forward, backward, left and right, click and hold on the cross and drag your mouse to move the object.
To move an object up and down, do the same thing but with the blue rectangle.

After moving your object the way you wanted, hit the Save button on the top of the screen.

Next.. d... WAIT!
Congrats! You did it!

[Image: Z1aTdv6.png]

Now, the last thing to do is to use Project64 and play the game!
If you want a link for Project64, you can download it over here.

Open your ROM.. wait for the intro cutscene to finish...
Your star is where you placed it? If so, then bravo, you can now start making your own SM64 hack.
This tutorial was very basic and there will sure be other ones about more advanced stuff.
You might want to test some things in Toad's Tool 64 before attempting anything else.

In all cases, thanks for following this tutorial and I will see you next one !

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