Full Version: Forum Rules - Must be read before posting!
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The forum rules below applies for posts, topics, polls, signatures, avatars, custom titles, private messages and other content on the forum.

1. Behavior in Forum

- Spam -

Users are not to spam, spam is generally defined as:
- Posts or topics with unrelated or unserious content (except for in the troll topic)
- Unnecessary double posts
- Lots of posts, topics, PMs or emails sent in a short amount of time

Moderators may define spam as it happens.

- Flaming -

You may not verbally attack or threaten any forum user.

If you feel like you are being attacked or bullied by other users, please send a PM to a moderator or administrator at once.

- Unwanted content -

Please refrain from posting NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content, or any content which may cause seizure or similar physical attacks. You may post a potentially unsafe link if you mark them clearly as [Not Safe For Work] , although some links may still be deleted.

This is not a forum for discussing extremist politics, religion or any extremist content. Utterances of racist or extremist content will be erased. Please discuss topics like this somewere else.

Pornography in any form is forbidden.

You may not attach or link to any websites or files containing viruses, schemes or content purely made for advertising.

You may not post any link shortened with the website shorteners, or similar. The only exception is a link referring to downloadable content or images made entirely by you or your team, as a way to fund your artistic or time-consuming work.

2. Attachments

- All pictures to be used on forum should not be uploaded as attachments. We recommend or to host your images.

- Roms or rom hacks must NOT be uploaded as an attachment, but must be uploaded through an extenal website, then you can link to it in your post. We recommend Dropbox


Your first violation will usually give a warning, misunderstandings are allowed. The next violation may be a temporary or permanent ban, or another form of restriction. 

An exception of this is if your account is clearly not intended to take part in the website or forum, and rather used for schemes, spam or illegal activities. This will result in a permanent ban, also an IP ban if necessary.

Moderators may remove any content on the forum considered inappropriate, and deliver proper punishment if required. If you feel like a moderator has made a wrong decision, then feel free to contact me. (Vidoy, the author of this post) Send me a PM and I will look it over.

Be nice and cooperative and you'll have a nice time in our forums, promise  Mario