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Star Revenge 4: The Kedama Takeover Rewritten
New Hack Submission
Title of Hack*
Enter the title of the hack here, the way the creator writes it. Ex. “Super Mario 64: Shining Stars” and not “SM64 Shiningstars”
Optional. Enter a bref description for your hack. If not, we'll write one for you. Description may get corrected for typos or sightly altered.
Hack Type*
Which game is the hack based on?
Total Stars
The total amount of acquirable stars in the hack. Leave blank if not sure.
Required Stars
The amount of stars required to complete the hack, ex. to unlock the final boss door etc. Leave blank if unsure.
Proposed Hack Difficulty
Optional. The difficulty of the hack (the number of flames) is usually decided by the staff, but you may propose a difficulty yourself. Please select according to the descriptions.
The creator(s) of the hack. Add the main creator first.
YouTube Video Link
Optional. Link to a YouTube video about the hack, if any. The official release video if possible.
I would like my release video uploaded to sme SM64Hacks YouTube Channel
We can upload your video to our channel if interested. Custom intro and end cards may be applied.
Wiki Link
Optional. Link to the hack's wikia page, if any.
Other hack info
Check the boxes if the statement is correct.
Apply as Hack Creator
Check this if you'd like to apply for the "Hack Creator" role on the website. You must be the main creator of the hack you send in. Apply by PM to Vidoy if not.

Hack Downloads
Information about hack downloads.
Add the download links for each version of the hack here. Please fill out all the info you know.

Version: [Version name]
Release Date: [Date version was released]
Download: [Download Link]
Additional Contributors: [Usernames]
Changes: [Changes from previous version]
Request safe storage
Choose yes if your file frequently gets removed from its host due to claims or allegations.

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