Super Mario Rainbow Road
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Rom Hacks

15 Latest Additions
Name Stars Required Stars Difficulty Creator
Super Mario 64 Lost Universe - Curse of Kappowser24165/5Bubby64
King Boo's Revenge 21821155/5thebloody7, sizzlingmario4
Super Mario 64 Lost Universe 1.545455/5SkullsOfStars2015, Bubby64
Star Revenge 5.5 Destroyed Memories70503/5Brodute
Super Oatmeal 64640/5ExplodingEmerald
Dargos' Glitchies 21UnknownDargos
Dargos' Glitchies1UnknownDargos
Kraft Dinner 64120700/5Ninja Weedle 64
Super Original Meme Hack 643/5GraymonDgt
First Person Mario 6412070UnknownKaze Emanuar
Super Mario 64: Missing StarsUnknownhop193
SM64 Halloween Special120700/5Mizu
Super Mario 64 The 3 Caps On Top Of The Castle120700/5Jero Romero
Super Mario 64: Green Demon Challenge120702/5IngoH
Diamond Air772/5Tomatobird8

All Hacks A-Z
Name Stars Required Stars Difficulty Creator
24 Red Coins Challenge333/5SKELUX
A Bunch of Shit Thrown TogetherUnknownUsernamesAreHard
Act I Star Revenge 2 to the Moon85412/5Brodute
[NDS] Another Super Mario 3D73500/5Skawo
[NDS] Another Super Mario DS000/5supermariofan123
ASM Penguin Shop120700/5Tarek701
ASM Shop Guy120700/5Tarek701
Bill's Mario Hack120700/5Bill
Birthday 64UnknownMushie64
Bob-omb Richard532/5MrMarioTendo
Bob-omb Richard's Mastertest474/5MrMarioTendo
Bob-omb Richard's Mastertest 2405/5Frame Perfection
Bowser's BarrierUnknownBiobak Underscore
Bowser's Castle Outside12121/5VenusFeuerFalle
Bowser's Dank RaveUnknownDarknessKittie, Pieordie1
Bowser's Dank Rave 2: Return of the Illumin...181/5Pieordie1
Bowser's Dank Rave 3: Toadette's MLG Expansion201/5Pieordie1
Bowser's Dank Rave 4: Mario's Dank Disco231/5Pieordie1
Bowser's Dank Rave 5: Reused Levels Edition201/5Pieordie1
Bowser's Dank Rave 64181/5Pieordie1
Bowser's Evil Test2/5
[NDS] Bowser's Flood88UnknownFireMario74
Bowser's Rank Dave05/5Exploshi
Brutal Mario 64165/5Mariocrash64
Butterfly 64000/5Skelux
[NDS] Butterfly 64 DS000/5Skelux
Captain Toad 64111/5Kaze
Chaos Edition Pack4/5Pilzinsel64
Classic Mario in Super Mario 64120700/5Meme UniversitYEE
Cornbread 64120701/5DatBoyIdiotBoy
Daredevil 64225/5Mr. Bubby
Dargos' Glitchies1UnknownDargos
Dargos' Glitchies 21UnknownDargos
Dark the Hedgehog 64120700/5IceMario865
Dein Hack SM64 FJORD77UnknownGameProfi64
Dein SM64 Hack Best of v1.35555UnknownPilzinsel64
Dein SM64 Hack Best of v1.3Unknowndonkeyrowker
[NDS] Deku Link0UnknownFiachra
Diamond Air772/5Tomatobird8
Donkey Kong 64120700/5RockerTeen54321
[NDS] Donkey Kong in Super Mario 64 DS150800/5russmarrs2
Experimental Platform BattlefieldUnknownFrauber
Fidget Spinner 64120700/5Kaze
First Hack771/5Linky628
First Person Mario 6412070UnknownKaze Emanuar
Fish 64000/5SKEŁUX
Flat Lava Land111/5Frauber
GameProfi64 HackUnknownGameProfi64
[NDS] Ganon's Castle1UnknownDillon The Red Flash
Gay Baby Jail 64UnknownEthan Villalta
Gianta World233/5Isurvolte
Gloomy Gully31/5cpuHacka101
Goomba Ladder 64115/5Ethan White
Goomba's Easter Egg Hunt20201/5Kaze
[NDS] Grand Dad150800/5muzzbro
Green Hill Zone000/5dshaynie
Grüninsel von Rockborkbuck771/5Pilzinsel64
Gumbas Klippenwald771/5donkeyrowker
Halloween Mayhem883/5Kaze and Kinopio
Hallowoomy on Spoopy Island952/5BroDute
High-quality 3D Coins12070UnknowncpuHacka101
High-Secret Mountain221/5GameProfi64
[NDS] Hyrule Castle1UnknownDillon The Red Flash
Impossible Mario 645/5sm64expert
Kaizo Mario 641201204/5OmegaEdge29
Kaizo Mario 64 21201204/5MarvMario?
Karl Land 64120700/5BroDute, Rycuda
Kaze's Warmup14142/5Kaze
King Boo's Revenge1681205/5thebloody7
King Boo's Revenge 21821155/5thebloody7, sizzlingmario4
[NDS] Kokiri Forest1UnknownDillon The Red Flash
Kraft Dinner 64120700/5Ninja Weedle 64
Larry Koopa in Super Mario 64120700/5LarryKoopaIsAwesome
Lonely Holidays 64773/5Kaze
Luigi and the Forest Ruins 64502/5TheGael95
Luigi and the Forest Ruins: Rebooted40201/5Mariocrash, TheGael95
Luigi and The Violet Stars136652/5usernamesarentimportant
Luigi's Mansion 641111002/5Mariocrash
Luigi's Mansion 64UnknownHacker Marce
Luigi's Mansion 64120UnknownUnknow
Luigi's Mansion 64 ALPHA1002/5donaldthescotishtwin
Luigi's Mansion 64 Multiplayer1111002/5Mariocrash
Luigi's Mansion 64.51113/5Mariocrash, Me-me
Machinima Peach's Castle Extreme Makeover000/5TheAnkleDestroyer
Mari0 64UnknownKaze Emanuar
Mario Adventure130502/5aglab2
Mario and Luigi's House000/5dshaynie
Mario and the Magic Wand30152/5Kaze
Mario DDR 64UnknownSkelux
Mario Heroes 643315Unknownaglab2
Mario Jump Quest 64871/5Ethan White
Mario Raceway000/5MsSupermario65
Mario the Superstar Plumber30/5BaconBoy
Mario vs. Bowser01/5Fares242
Mario X Luigi 18+331/5SKEŁUX
Mario's Amazing Adventures11114/5Frame4Head
Mario's Best Dream1313UnknownIsurvolte
Mario's Future551/5Sanji02
Mario's Nightmare 641401104/5Apioeus
MJ's Touchy Fortress1/5Okikurume
Monochrome Mario 64771/5Vinnyboiler
Mr. M 64120700/5darrklink
Mushroom Kingdom Stadium 64661/5Skelux
[NDS] Nintendo 64 Mario in Super Mario 64 DS150800/5russmarrs2
Oblivionwalker's Kaizo Trap14/5Kaze Emanuar
Olmec's Hackerino40401/5Olmec
Operation: Christmas772/5Kaze, BroDute
Organ of Matrias993/5Kaze
[NDS] Outset Island2UnknownDillon The Red Flash
Paper Mario House000/5StupidMarioBros1Fan
Peach's Christmas Invitation1193/5Kaze
Pidi64's Adventures 64 - A Slippery Day991/5Pilzinsel64
Pink Gold Peach773/5Kaze Emanuar
Pirate's Grotto772/5SirRouven1003
Plants vs. Zombies 64773/5Mr. Bubby, WalkthroughMasterPvZ
Play as Slender Man in Super Mario 640/5StupidMarioBros1Fan
Play as Wario120700/5Flotonic, KTH
Poorly Translated 64120700/5Ethan White
Pyramid in the Sky77UnknownBruce Shankle
Regenbogenberg771/5Johannes Rüben
Retarded Journey 6911070UnknownDerpy Dude
Rock 64000/5SKEŁUX
Samsung 64UnknownMushie64
Sanae Valley662/5BroDute
Sauper Merio 73UnknownMayro_777
Scrooge 64412/5Kinopio
Seaside Town661/5BroDute
Second SunUnknownMrCountryFruit
Shining Stars1511211/5Pieordie1
Shining Stars 1.5: Extreme Edition5/5Pieordie1
Shining Stars 2: Mirror Madness122901/5Pieordie1
Shining Stars 3: Sanctuary of the Star Comet1322/5Pieordie1
Shrek 64212/5SKEŁUX
Silent Hill 64664/5Apioeus
Silver Heavenly Castle13134/522neptun
Slide Battlefield111/5Frauber
SM64 1-1 Grass441/5MarvMario
SM64 4th of July 64331/5FireMario74
SM64 AlphaUnknownChrizzy Gehle
SM64 Astral Dimension661/5MrCountryfruit
SM64 Autoscroller111/5Kaze
SM64 Block City771/5SM64DragonHack
SM64 Blue Star Adventure1451354/5Mr. Bubby
SM64 Boonster's Peril991/5Mariocrash
SM64 Bowser's Intense Challenge11UnknownDavidholanda1
SM64 Bungle Trouble9?1/5Nutta
SM64 Cannon CanyonUnknownporcellusstudios
SM64 Chilly CastleUnknownporcellusstudios
SM64 Christmas 2012UnknownKampel125
SM64 Christmas Carnival Special331/5Skelux
SM64 Christmas Land661/5Fares242
SM64 Christmas Machinima Map000/5Bronzed_Mario3
SM64 Christmas Special120700/5Mizu
SM64 Crazy CarnivalUnknownporcellusstudios
SM64 Dead Man's Dungeon772/5codgod66
SM64 Der Schulhof771/5DKC LP
SM64 Die Rache Der Anderen40402/5FrittenFriseurLPs
SM64 Donut MountainUnknownporcellusstudios
SM64 Easy Worlds30302/5Pilzinsel64
SM64 Expert Stages 1 - Chomp Island771/5D00pliss
SM64 Floating Island771/5codgod66
SM64 Forever BLJ Control224/5Tomatobird8
SM64 Frozen World15151/5Javier Jafuenf
SM64 Garden of Hope772/5Progamer Bob
SM64 Gipfeldorf881/5MrCountryfruit
SM64 Goomba Skylands771/5Tomatobird8
SM64 Grand Star43432/5MarioGame2222
SM64 Halloween Special120700/5Mizu
SM64 Hidden Stars112UnknownMarvMario
SM64 Hotel Baugrund771/5Gamelefant
SM64 Imprisoned Stars4242UnknownSizzlingMario
SM64 Insane Edition775/5Rapitor
SM64 Invasion Gumba771/5Gamelefant
SM64 Jodie Edition AlphaUnknownMarcelxbla2
SM64 Kirby Edition120700/5Dudaw12
SM64 Lapislazuli-LaguneUnknown22neptun
SM64 Lava Landschaften772/5Tails DX
SM64 Legend of the Stars14142/5MCMania332
SM64 LentiLevels92922/5TheLentiLP
SM64 Light or Dark1414UnknownByraito
SM64 Machinima ROMUnknown
SM64 MADNESS122724/5Kaze
SM64 Mario's House000/5Tomatobird8
SM64 Mario's House000/5Virtual Block
SM64 Mountain Valley992/5MarvJungs
SM64 Mystic Mountain772/5codgod66
SM64 New GenerationUnknownThefastNero
SM64 Palmathroncentaurie771/5GameProfi64
SM64 Rainbow Road000/5Frauber
SM64 Relax is Over35354/5blackshadowdrybones
SM64 Relax Your Life44303/5blackshadowdrybones
SM64 Rot ist Tot1351203/5blackshadowdrybones
SM64 Rot ist Tot Extreme1361205/5blackshadowdrybones
SM64 Scaling Test000/5Toxic Plays Stuff
SM64 Schlimme HoehenUnknownTV-Kanal
SM64 Sky LevelUnknownCamden1101
SM64 Skyshroom GardenUnknownOttowillem
SM64 Stage 1UnknownPloggy
SM64 Star Bridge771/5Jamelle Cullens
SM64 Super Duber Mountain771/5Tomatobird8
SM64 Super Pantufa Deux 1-1771/5VAdaPEGA
SM64 Superstar Saga221/5Pablo's Corner
SM64 The 10 Lost Stars10102/5Tomatobird8
SM64 The Wondrous Worlds31313/5Pin14470
SM64 Thwomp Swamp771/5Progamer Bob
SM64 Time Machine120701/5RomeTwins96
SM64 Tower of Eating12070UnknownVileshaff Conker
SM64 Treibsand WüsteUnknownmcmj3000
SM64 Tricky Towerislands11111/5Tomatobird8
SM64 UnknowUnknownUnknow
SM64 Verlassener Canyon - Poket Edition11111/5chEddy091
SM64 VerstrahlteFabrikUnknownMrCountryfruit
SM64 Volcano Island771/5Camden1101
SM64 Vulkan-Eifel551/5GameProfi64
SM64 Wacky Worlds13131/5Dudaw
SM64 Wild, Wild WestUnknownporcellusstudios
SM64: A New Adventure14141/5lezg_g (Twoopliss)
SM64: It's A Crash!991/5Mariocrash
SM64: Jump Mans Challenge812/5NinjaPooff
SM64: Last Impact130802/5Kaze
SM64: Test of Skill773/5MBmasher
SM64: Year of the Plumber16161/5DobieMeltfire
SMB1-1 Recreation111/5Kaze
SNES Rainbow Road001/5
Somari 64: DASH!66UnknownDobieMeltfire
Sonic 64120701/5Kaze
Sonic Adventure 64331/5Pablo's Corner
Sonic in Mushroom Kingdom 6432/5TheGael95
[NDS] Sonic in Super Mario 64 DS150800/5russmarrs2
Sonic the Hedgehog - The Glittering Stars881/5Fares242
SPECIAL FOR YOU00/5Frike the Dragon
Squishable Mushroom Platforms Bob-omb000/5Frauber
Star Legend 64771/5Skelux
Star Revenge1003/5BroDute
Star Revenge 0.5: The Unused Levels65361/5BroDute
Star Revenge 2.5: Remnant of Doom115664/5BroDute
Star Revenge 2: Night of Doom152905/5BroDute
Star Revenge 3: Mario on An Saoire65361/5BroDute
Star Revenge 4: The Kedama Takeover97353/5BroDute
Star Revenge 4: The Kedama Takeover Rewritten100502/5BroDute
Star Revenge 5.5 Destroyed Memories70503/5Brodute
Star Revenge 5: Neo Blue Realm70311/5BroDute
Star Revenge 6.5: Wrath of the Dimensional Flower70701/5BroDute
Star Revenge 6.9: Luigi Lost in Time25161/5BroDute
Star Revenge 6: Luigi's Adventure120502/5BroDute
Star Revenge 7.5: Kedowser's Return130823/5BroDute
Star Revenge 7: Park of Time120611/5BroDute
Star Revenge 8: Scepter of Hope121802/5BroDute
Star Revenge Redone1061053/5BroDute
Star Revenge Redone 2.0121662/5BroDute
StarRevenge 2: To the Moon21211/5BroDute
Stupid Ballz80605/5CartoonBuffoon
Sub-Par Frankie 65120701/5Real_RUBB3R
Super Banjo 64120700/5Kaze Emanuar
Super Banjo Kazooie 6432321/5UED
Super Banjo Tooie 6449491/5UED
Super Chrizz 64 - Mario vs. Bowser Teil 2771/5Chrisif15
Super Cunt 420Unknown[ᓇᒻᐴᓇ] Nambona890
Super Cunt 690/5Niiiiiiiiiiko
Super Debug 64120700/5Kaze Emanuar
Super DK 64120700/5Camden1101
Super Donkey Kong 6450201/5Kaze
Super Dorrie Racing 6400UnknownKaze Emanuar
Super Draegast 64120700/5RockMyForum
Super Duper Mario 64120700/5Mario By Truman
Super Ed 64120700/5Kaze Emanuar
Super Evil 64UnknownLogoBro
Super Exploshi 64UnknownExploshi
Super Gay 64Unknown
Super Glover 64120700/5Kaze Emanuar
Super Luigi 64120700/5Cjes
Super Luigi 64: Bowser's Serious Revenge5/5homerfunky
Super Luigi Galaxy 6490/5Mario42 Gls42
Super Luigi Star Road130801/5Quasmok
Super Mario & Planet Stardust's Rampage1111001/5Fares242
Super Mario 1285/5RJWaters2
Super Mario 22 - Eisige Gluthöhlen771/522neptun
Super Mario 22 - Lavastrom Valley771/522neptun
Super Mario 22 - The Ancient Tomb771/522neptun
Super Mario 32UnknownTFSpid3r
Super Mario 420UnknownLuke Ford
Super Mario 420UnknownToxic Plays Stuff
Super Mario 64120701/5
Super Mario 64 - Beta Restoration000/5SuperMarioSan100
Super Mario 64 - Curling000/5FrittenFriseurLPs
Super Mario 64 1.5 Ztar Attack! 1703/5TheGael95
Super Mario 64 2120702/5
Super Mario 64 2: Bowser's Revenge1/5StupidMarioBros1Fan
Super Mario 64 3120702/5
Super Mario 64 3 Star Challenge22UnknownCamden1101
Super Mario 64 3D World120700/5Kaze Emanuar, Ank...
Super Mario 64 4120702/5
Super Mario 64 and the Colorless KingdomUnknownCamden1101
Super Mario 64 Beta MixUnknownShadow Mario
Super Mario 64 Beta ModUnknownKrychur
Super Mario 64 Beta Replica0/5Dudaw12
Super Mario 64 Bowser's Plan120701/5MarvJungs
Super Mario 64 Butterfly Edition120700/5Kaze Emanuar
Super Mario 64 Color Splash120704/5Kaze Emanuar
Super Mario 64 Craftwithcookies Level PackUnknownCraftwithcookies
Super Mario 64 Cypher EdtionUnknownCypher123
Super Mario 64 Dark Dawn120702/5
[NDS] Super Mario 64 DS150800/5Nintendo
[NDS] Super Mario 64 DS Choir150800/5Kosman
[NDS] Super Mario 64 DS ModUnknownZheden
[NDS] Super Mario 64 DS Multiplayer800/5SKELUX
Super Mario 64 Extra31303/5Tomatobird8
Super Mario 64 Extreme120702/5
Super Mario 64 Extreme Edition12070UnknownKaze
Super Mario 64 Galaxy Collection112/5poudink
Super Mario 64 Ghost Race120700/5Kaze Emanuar
Super Mario 64 GP64UnknownGameProfi64
Super Mario 64 Grand StarUnknown
Super Mario 64 Hack14141/5Xane
Super Mario 64 Halloween HackUnknownSKEŁUX
Super Mario 64 Island581/5DON
Super Mario 64 Lost Universe - Curse of Kappowser24165/5Bubby64
Super Mario 64 Lost Universe 1.545455/5SkullsOfStars2015, Bubby64
Super Mario 64 Lost World0/5windows10acerpc pc
Super Mario 64 Luigi EditionUnknownDudaw12
Super Mario 64 Mario's Dream120700/5Camden1101
Super Mario 64 Mega MicrolevelsUnknownDenis Kopyrin
Super Mario 64 MIWS 2120702/5blackshadowdrybones
Super Mario 64 Nightmare EditionUnknownR E L I S H the Snowman
Super Mario 64 Online120700/5Kaze, MelonSpeedruns, Marshivolt
Super Mario 64 Requiem120700/5
Super Mario 64 Return To Retroland552/5cpuHacka101
Super Mario 64 Revenge of the Shy Guys120700/5Camden1101
Super Mario 64 Sapphire30UnknownNebula
Super Mario 64 Secret Stars1181/5Furteh and 9Redfly
Super Mario 64 Shy Guy Hack1UnknownDudaw12
Super Mario 64 Sky Stories21211/5The64MarioMan
Super Mario 64 Star Quest112/5Youngstergaming
Super Mario 64 Text Changes120700/5
Super Mario 64 The 3 Caps On Top Of The Castle120700/5Jero Romero
Super Mario 64: Chaos Edition120704/5Kaze
Super Mario 64: Dab Edition120700/5Shadow Mario
Super Mario 64: Green Demon Challenge120702/5IngoH
Super Mario 64: Last Impact: Choir Edition130802/5mario 135790
Super Mario 64: Missing StarsUnknownhop193
Super Mario 64: Multiplayer120701/5Skelux
Super Mario 64: Openworld Edition12050UnknownTheGael95
Super Mario 64: Openworld Quest7050UnknownMariocrash
Super Mario 64: Partners in Time661/5Pablo's Corner
Super Mario 64: The Green Comet1818UnknownArthurtilly
Super Mario 64: The Green Stars130801/5Kampel125
Super Mario 64: The Missing Stars38381/5Messiaen
[NDS] Super Mario 64x4 Beta Replica0/5Kitty Ambiance
Super Mario 65 - Happy Birthday of Peach45UnknownSkelenio
Super Mario 65 - The Rainbow Stars1651204/5Skelenio
Super Mario 65 - Trainingslager771/5LolliLP
Super Mario 66 1111UnknownJecket
Super Mario 741511103/5Lugmillord
Super Mario 74 Chaos Edition1511254/5Pilzinsel64
Super Mario 74 Extreme Edition1571255/5Lugmillord
Super Mario 74 Extreme: Chaos Edition1571255/5Kaze
Super Mario 74 Extreme: Poop Edition1571255/5Lugmillord
Super Mario 74EEEE1601255/5Cartoon Buffoon
Super Mario 8 Mega BytesUnknownBlackStone187
Super Mario 84281/5MrMarioTendo
Super Mario 84 Hard Edition27274/5MrMarioTendo
Super Mario 88771/5DexGamingLP
Super Mario and the Big Power Star HuntUnknownFares242
Super Mario and the Marvel Adventure51463/5Kampel125
Super Mario and the Missing Memories000/5MarioHacker14
Super Mario Apocalypse883/5Loudermonkeyboy
Super Mario Boss Battles771/5Pablo's Corner
Super Mario Bros 641/5Tamkis
Super Mario Bros. 3D22161/5Kaze
Super Mario Cyclone Fighter23203/5TheGael95
Super Mario Fallen Stars24161/5Skillux
Super Mario Galaxy 2 64120700/5Camden1101
Super Mario Galaxy 64120700/5Camden1101
Super Mario geSEGKt (Star Revenge 0)651/5BroDute
Super Mario h9120702/5
[NDS] Super Mario Journey Lane330/5My Gaming Dreams
Super Mario King Bob-omb's Revenge322/5Fares242
Super Mario Maker 64UnknownKaze
Super Mario Mystic Isles201/5Fares242
Super Mario New Star132902/5Sanji02
Super Mario Odyssey 64120700/5Kaze
Super Mario Parallel StarsUnknownFunila
Super Mario Pipe PalaceUnknownCamden1101
Super Mario Rainbow Road60201/5Skillux
Super Mario Random Road SMSW c_Edition112/5Pidi64
Super Mario Run 64001/5Kaze
Super Mario Sacred Castle14142/5FireMario74
Super Mario Scared Castle110/5SKEŁUX
Super Mario Secret Galaxy4/5HDMI
Super Mario Star1202/5Mizu
[NDS] Super Mario Star Land1501/5starland
Super Mario Star Road130801/5Skelux
Super Mario Star Road Multiplayer130801/5Skelux
[NDS] Super Mario Star World Controls Test800/5SKELUX
Super Mario Sunshine 64120700/5Camden1101
Super Mario Sunshine 64 Beta120700/5Showel Darks
[NDS] Super Mario Sunshine DS0UnknownFiachra
Super Mario Temple Quest23?UnknownMariocrash, Sanji02
Super Mario The Battle Storm551/5Fares242
Super Mario the Collapsing World66UnknownFares242
Super Mario The Galactic Journey1021/5Fares242
Super Mario The Halloween Star111/5Fares242
[NDS] Super Mario the New BeginningUnknownrafa4k (sk4)
Super Mario The Power Star - Christmas Special101/5Fares242
Super Mario WarpUnknownTheLegendOfPianist
Super Mario Warp Zone161/5Fares242
Super Mario Warp Zone 2311/5Fares242
Super Mario Warp Zone Alternate Version151/5Fares242
Super Mario Warp Zone Secret Star Zone301/5Fares242
Super Mario XD332/5Kaze
Super Mario: Blast Off!771/555SuperShadow
Super Mario: The Power Star Journey97801/5Fares242
Super Mario: The Sky Sanctuary551/5Toxic Plays Stuff
Super Marionose1 64UnknownMr. GreenThunder X
Super Mazio 641081080/5IngoH
Super Memio 64UnknownThatDom
Super Monkey 64120700/5MrE2006
Super Nightmare 64115/5FireMario74
Super Oatmeal 64640/5ExplodingEmerald
Super Oofio 64UnknownShadow Mario
Super Original Meme Hack 643/5GraymonDgt
Super Paper Mario 64UnknownDATADAYNE
Super Portal 64120702/5Kaze Emanuar
Super Releasio 64120703/5Kaze
Super Robot Mario 64124701/5Camden1101
Super Roomba 64120700/5Exploshi
Super SimpleFlips 64113/5FireMario74
Super Smash Bros. 3DUnknownSKELUX
Super Stupid Daisy Shy Guy World120700/5Christopher Leon
Super Trash 64881/5Kaze, Pidi64
Super Trash 64 2: MJ's Paper Hunt Beta1/5Kaze
Super Trump 64112/5Kaze
Super Ultra Kaizo Memeio Road 128 Stars...120702/5Kaze
Super Unnamed Hack 64140/5TristanBomb
Super W O A H120700/5Kaze Emanuar
Super Wafnetadaptdew 64UnknownArthurtilly
Super Waluigi 64120700/5Kaze Emanuar
Super Waluigi 643/5Bowblax
Super Wario 64120700/5Kaze Emanuar
Super Weed 64120700/5Vertrex
Superb Mario 64: Memes are not Funny EditionUnknownPetresInc
Temple Explorer751/5BroDute
Termina Field771/5TheGael95
Test Worlds 1: Luigi's Haunted Castle113/5Apioeus
Test Worlds 2: All or Nothing114/5Apioeus
The Bully Fortress775/5Marco
The Cake Challenge1502/5Firemon123
The Final Star001/5Toxic Plays Stuff
The Final Star 2112/5Toxic Plays Stuff
The Forgotten Stars78UnknownTheGael95
Thwomp's Easter Egg Hunt42421/5Kaze, Pidi64
Toaster's Miscellanious Misadventures100/5Toasterketchup
Tomatobird8's Single Star Speedruns881/5Tomatobird8
TsucnenT's Boss Battle TesT915/5TsucnenT
TsucnenT's Super Mario Treasure World1821155/5TsucnenT
TsucnenT's Treasures16154/5TsucnenT
TsucnenT's Treasures 21884/5TsucnenT
Twisted Adventures1511154/5SomeRussianMarioDude
Twisted Adventures 22/5SomeRussianMarioDude
Twisted Adventures: Intense Challenge335/5SomeRussianMarioDude
Uber Mario 64164/5ArchangelGabriel
Verlassene RuinenUnknownDKC LP
Very Small Village1/5Domenic1407
Visible Parallel Universes120700/5Peter Fedak
Volcano Island441/5Vinnyboiler
W O A H120700/5Kaze Emanuar
[NDS] Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS150800/5russmarrs2
Wario vs. MD Für Matze160UnknownFrittenFriseurLPs
Warp Zone DX 19181/5Mariocrash
[NDS] Windfall Island0UnknownDillon The Red Flash
Winter in Konkrastadt14141/5Pilzinsel64
Yoshi's Adventure 128 Attack of the Factory95Unknownusernamesarentimportant
Yoshi's Adventure 64562/5usernamesarentimp...
Yoshi's Island000/5dshaynie
Zelda SM64 Alpha000/5
[NDS] Zero in Super Mario 64 DS150800/5russmarrs2
Ztar Attack 0.5: Mario Escape From the Jail513/5TheGael95
Ztar Attack 2 a Blast to the Past77UnknownTheGael95
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