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RE: Submit Rom-Hacks Here! - Exploshi - 11-11-2017

A meme hack/ troll hack (im not sorryBoo!FxAVXT6Y!EFW6pSJ_rCIaQonu9oVNYA7M5r4kVW1xRwfViqmQvPs

Name: Bowser's Rank Dave
Creator: Exploshi
Difficulty: 5/5
Required Stars: 0

RE: Submit Rom-Hacks Here! - poudink - 11-16-2017


Super Mazio 64 - IngoH - 11-18-2017

Super Mazio 64
Made by IngoH (me)

This is Super Mazio 64, it is my first ROM hack release, it was made in 8 days.
It isn't fully tested yet, so if you find any bugs mail/PM me or tell me on Discord.

RE: Submit Rom-Hacks Here! - Vidoy - 11-19-2017

Added Yoshi

RE: Submit Rom-Hacks Here! - Exploshi - 11-25-2017

Heres the video for Super Roomba 64:
It was when SimpleFlips played it on a stream.

RE: Submit Rom-Hacks Here! - Jecket - 11-25-2017

Super Mario 66 [Pre-(Broken-)Beta]
Download Link:
Download Link^2:

Stars: 10 (or 11 if i miss-counted)
Required Stars: 8
Difficulty: 3/5

RE: Submit Rom-Hacks Here! - IngoH - 11-25-2017

Roomba 64 video added

RE: Submit Rom-Hacks Here! - Exploshi - 11-26-2017

Here's Super Roomba 64 v1.2:!w1xSmChS!Ml-2lzb2rhW-7SHF56g6g_Fniiwbxn_UGPENdPNiKuY
Im posting a lot about it because I think I might make a full hack of it where the coins are dirt lol.
Also, in case you are wondering "what's different?":  I made the Roomba Mario's torso instead of head.  This makes it glitch into the ground slightly less lol.

RE: Submit Rom-Hacks Here! - IngoH - 11-26-2017

(If you think post a lot, you're not as bad as me:

RE: Submit Rom-Hacks Here! - poudink - 11-28-2017

We don't care if people submit shortened urls here (even thought they suck and url shortners that make you watch ads (idgaf about the google url shortner) and makes you wait on top of that should die in a fire) because we reupload them anyway.
EDIT: you still don't have as many versions as Ztar Attack :p