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The SM64Hacks Community Project - Vidoy - 04-01-2018

Note! This was a april fools

I'm proud to release the first version of a little hack project made by the SM64Hacks staff together Yoshi 

It's not that big yet with only 16 stars, but we hope you enjoy it so far Mario

Go to Download Page

We are currently recoding the hacks database, so the hack will be added soon

RE: The SM64Hacks Community Project - Jecket - 04-08-2018

Yes, I know this is supposed to be a joke, but If you made an actual community project, I would feel like getting replaced honestly.
My project is actually supposed to be a community project, but yet no one (except Paudink, thanks) wanted to help me! But well...
Well, it is just a April fool.