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Can't download any Hacks - Ghastler - 07-24-2018

Everytime I click on a hack it comes up with "404 Not Found". I've tried different a different browser and it still didn't work. I also tried it on a different Computer and still no result.

RE: Can't download any Hacks - Vidoy - 07-24-2018

Sorry, this is a small but unfortunate error, and we'll be fixing it shortly.

In the mean time, apply this simple solution: When clicked on a hack, make this small change in the address bar so that becomes

RE: Can't download any Hacks - fattomy - 07-31-2018

what is the address bar

RE: Can't download any Hacks - DatKaktuz - 08-14-2018

I found a sollution!!!!
Lets imagen u want to play super mario 64 star road.
But then the messeage 404 Error popps up.
Just go to Google and type in 'super mario 64 star road' ( )
then search for the link that takes you to and then you'll go to the download page. ( in this case the second )
Keep on  [Image: IWillYahoo.png] my friends .

RE: Can't download any Hacks - Kandii - 08-14-2018

(07-31-2018, 08:08 PM)fattomy Wrote: what is the address bar

[Image: address.png]