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(Special) Textures... - BackToTheRoots - 09-11-2018

Hey im currently making Hack prototypes and projects and i have some issues.

When designing/downloading textures that are supposed to be invisible
at some parts are not in my imported level and i dont know why.

Does anyone know where to get all codes for hub icons/interface textures etc. for N64rip? (For example the fade in / fade out animations)
I did find a smwcentral page for that but there are not all codes (yet).

Is There a "Fan" page with all fanmade textures? that would be nice!

I Use Sketchup 2017 (And LIPID OBJ exporter) , SM64 Importer 1.9.5, Toads Tool 0.6.2 and PJ64K to emulate my games.

(And just a small question why does my world flip in SM64 Importer after i imported it into the programm?)

Thanks for help, tips and other helpful info's!