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3D Software for Levels - Toady - 07-14-2016

It seems everyone uses Sketchup to create level geometry. To me it's a bit convoluted, and I can work much faster in other programs.
Has anyone used 3DS Max or a similar alternative? If so, have there been any issues? Would I need to import the models into Sketchup?

Thanks for any input! I apologize for not knowing the editors and hacking tools enough to try this out on my own. I plan on doing so as soon as I have the time.

RE: 3D Software for Levels - Vidoy - 07-15-2016

The file will need to be exported to a Wavefront .OBJ file, as long as you can export it to that, any editor should be fine Mario There's also some limit on the amount of polygons, read a bit here