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hello - Lord-Nicon - 09-18-2016

Hi nice to meet your all my name is lord-nicon, i love playing sm64 hacks and i whant to know more abou sm64 hacking.
I know are littel bit about level making and toads-tool , but not so good as some other guys who i play some hacks from.
Currently i playing the cake challenge the 45 bonus stars really brain fu..... no one search at this places.

RE: hello - Vidoy - 09-20-2016

Hey there, and welcome Yoshi I'd start out with an easier hack if I were you, but idk how experienced you are in the world of rom hacks ofc Kappa 

Our website mostly has rom hack presentations and downloads, so I'll give you some links to the best websites for discussing and developing rom hacks, SMWCentral SM64 Section and but hope you'll stick around here as well Mario

RE: hello - Lord-Nicon - 09-25-2016

Its not to hard but no one ever looks at places like the bonus star that your get if your go into the frist world and then chose star 6 go to wear the king from star 1 is and then ther is are teleporter to are hidden star (145 i got so far).Of course i stick around here as well way not.
Thx for the links and for the welcome to .
I know how to make levels in 3ds max but not perfekt jet i finish first the level making in 3ds max then i go learn more about the orther things and for me 3ds max is are bether chose as googlesketchup to make levels.
Sorry for my english its are long time since i write the least time in english.