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Project 64 - Vidoy - 11-29-2015

Project 64

[Image: 4OdsRPXl.png] 

This is the most used emulator for playing Nintendo 64 games. Runs very steady, and supports video, sound and controls plugins. Runs on every Windows operating system from Windows 98 and up, for Mac users we recommend Mupen64.

Version Recommendation

Mainly version 1.7 is recommended for playing and speedrunning Super Mario 64 hacks, although not all speedrunners accepts this emulator for use, version 1.6 is then the most optimal choice. 

Version 2.0 and up will run most hacks fine as well, but has problems with some of them. If this has been better with Version 2.2 and up is unknown.

General problems

Some errors preventing certain hacks from running can be solved this way:

Open the Rom, after opening, click "Options" then "Settings...". Click on the Options tab, and uncheck "Hide advanced settings". Click the "OK" button and open the setting again. More tabs should be open now. From there, click "Rom Settings". Set "Memory Size" to 8MB and "Counter Factor" to 1. 

Visit Website
The official website for Project 64 is You can even find sources of the emulators if you wish to use.


VersionDownloadDesctiptionRelease Date
2.2[attachment=17]The newest version of Project 64, by the Project 64 team.April 1st 2015
2.1[attachment=16]Version 2.1 released one month later, by the Project 64 team.May 1st 2013
2.0[attachment=14]New official release of Project 64 after many years, by the Project 64 team.April 1st 2013 v23[attachment=13]More or less unofficial version of Project 64, in beta. Still the most recommended version for playing Super Mario 64 hacks.Unknown
1.6[attachment=12]Seventh version of Project 64, by the Project 64 team, also the most popular for rom hack playing.April 1st 2005
1.5[attachment=11]Sixt version of Project 64 by the Project64 Team with special thanks to Witten, currently unsupported.August 29th 2002
1.4[attachment=10]Fifth version of Project 64 by the Project64 Team, currently unsupported.December 25th 2001
1.3[attachment=9]Fourth version of Project 64 by the Project64 Team, currently unsupported.September 1st 2001
1.2[attachment=8]Third version of Project 64 by the Project64 Team, currently unsupported.July 23rd 2001
1.1[attachment=7]Second version of Project 64 by the Project64 Team, currently unsupported.June 9th 2001
1.0[attachment=6]First version of Project 64 by Zilmar & Jabo, currently unsupported.May 26th 2001