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Star Revenge 5: Neo Blue Realm
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Change title screen
Please somebody help me!
I´m trying to change the title screen logo for an easy hack rom for my cousin, in which almost all textures are replaced with his face, but  I have some problems.
I´ve created a cube in which the textures are my cousin´s face in SketchUp 8, and I´ve imported it with SM64 Editor, but, when I launch the rom (I use Project64 with 8MB)... the logo doesn´t appear( I mean, the game starts normally and even plays the "It´s a me, Mario" sound, but without the logo)
I´ve tried a lot of things, such as changing the scale, changing the dimensions in SketchUp... but it doesn´t still appear.
Could someone please explain me what am I doing wrong?
P.S Sorry for the bad english, I´m from Spain.

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