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PPF O-Matic v3 - ppf rom patcher
What is PPF-O-MATIC ?

It is a Windows GUI tool that applies PPF1.0, PPF2.0 and PPF3.0 Patches. You can also undo a PPF3.0 patch if undo data is available. 

How to apply a PPF patch.

To Apply a PPF-Patch is very simple. Just load in a PPF and the corresponding BIN/z64 file by clicking on the Floppydisk icons.
Or just open an Explorer window and Drag&Drop a PPF and a BIN/z64 file somewhere onto the PPF-O-MATICv3.0 window.

Now simply press the APPLY button


This warning pops up if you try to apply a patch to a BIN file which can't be recognized as the one the patch was made of. If you see that warning I suggest you to cancel and check if you have the right BIN file. For example check the NFO which came with the patch would be a good advice. 

PPF3.0 Undo Feature

PPF3.0 supports UNDO ppf function so if you have a PPF3.0 patch and the patch-creator included UNDO data, following checkbox will be enabled:
If you click on this box before pressing APPLY the patch undo data instead of the patch data will be used on the image.

PPF3.0 Associate files

You can also associate PPF with PPF-O-MATIC v3.0. SO Next time you just have to double lick on a PPF file PPF-O-MATIC v3.0 start up automatically. To enable this feature simply press on the ICON top/left once and choose: "Associate 'ppf' files". 

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