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Star Revenge 8: Scepter of Hope
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Custom Music Tutorial?
I would like to learn how to create original songs and use songs from other games. However, the first two tutorials I've tried (one being Dobie's) have proven problematic. It's very possible I did something wrong. If so, I'd have no idea what it might be.

Does anyone recommend a video or post that explains the ins and outs of custom music effectively?
To import music into SM64, you need to turn a MIDI file into a M64.
Normally this requires a lot of hex editing and musicXML but luckily Christopher Brown from origami64 is making a user friendly tool to do that!

And once you've got your M64 file, you can import it with Skulex's SM64 importer
Many people other at SMWcentral have already done quite a few imports from other games

Hopen this helps Winking Toad
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