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Star Revenge 7.5: Kedowser's Return
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The rotation points of each submodel in Mario's model

So I am trying to determine the points (the xyz coordinates in space) where each joint rotates about in Mario's model. I found a model on the modeler's resource but it is an obj and doesn't contain joint information. Does anyone know where to find this joint information? I am attempting to do some stuff with the models but it is not real easy for me to find. I imagine the joins are probably at vertices in the model, but I do not know for sure. I've been looking everywhere for such a list. If anyone could find those values for me that would be heavily appreciated.

I attached the model below for reference. I cannot determine using the game the exact coordinates and I would prefer to know this. It will helpful in what I am attempting. It is an obj format model but I changed it to a .txt file because that is safer for your computer and also it prevents the forum from yelling at me that it cannot preview the file or something to that effect.

(P.S. if anyone knows the same for Bowser that would also be useful for me to know as well.)

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The rotation points of each submodel in Mario's model - by thegreatduck - 08-28-2018, 05:03 AM

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