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Shining Stars 2: Mirror Madness
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Broken World Collisions (And worlds in general)
I Have a lot of problems when im making my stages.

1. Broken Collisions
A lot of times when importing/playing a stage there are
so many walls and floors i just can walk trough and i dont
know how to fix that. (No, it hasnt anything to do with wrong face directions.)

2. Textures in worlds
Some textures (for example a dirt texture) wont be
the texture i selected (for example a lava texture).
How to fix that?

3. Flipped worlds
When exporting a skp file in sketchup (2017) with the lipid obj exporter it wil be flipped in SM64 editor/SM64
area importer, BUT now i have a stage that does not just flip to the left or upside down but like very slightly
tilted how can i fix that?

4. Invissible Collisions
Sometimes walking i just walk into a random
wall even though there is nothing in front of me.

Some help would be greatly appreciated -BackToTheRoots-

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Broken World Collisions (And worlds in general) - by BackToTheRoots - 10-16-2018, 04:39 AM

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