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Broken World Collisions (And worlds in general)
(10-19-2018, 10:27 AM)Jecket Wrote:
(10-16-2018, 04:39 AM)BackToTheRoots Wrote: I Have a lot of problems when im making my stages.

1. Broken Collisions
A lot of times when importing/playing a stage there are
so many walls and floors i just can walk trough and i dont
know how to fix that. (No, it hasnt anything to do with wrong face directions.)

2. Textures in worlds
Some textures (for example a dirt texture) wont be
the texture i selected (for example a lava texture).
How to fix that?

3. Flipped worlds
When exporting a skp file in sketchup (2017) with the lipid obj exporter it wil be flipped in SM64 editor/SM64
area importer, BUT now i have a stage that does not just flip to the left or upside down but like very slightly
tilted how can i fix that?

4. Invissible Collisions
Sometimes walking i just walk into a random
wall even though there is nothing in front of me.

1. Probably do you use a too old Editor for the object or a too old Importer. Maybe you can tell which Importer you used?

2. Do you mean the selected texture is supposed to be a lava texture or have properties like lava?

3. Probably did the plugin mess up a bit. Also the fact that is slightly tilted is your fault. I had this too.

4. Probably does the Death Floor bug with the collision and overrides it. If you have death floors disabled, you might bump against the edge of your map.

Also don't think I am good at rom hacking, I have also some problems with most of the stuff, but I just have a bit clue how to fix of them.
Hope that helps you a bit out!

1. I Use The Sketchup 2017 Lipid OBJ exporter
2. When i select (FOR EXAMPLE) the dirt texture it sometimes changes to the (FOR EXAMPLE) look of the lava texture (No behavior or properties)
3. That the world is tilted is 100% NOT my fault Because in sketchup the Straight lines are on The X, Y and Z Collored "Help/default straight" lines
4. No death floor enabled (Mario -> Goes on bridge -> walks on it -> stops at invissible wall.)

(+I am pretty new to. (Doing it for 1 year))

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