Submit Rom-Hacks Here! Super Mario Rainbow Road
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Submit Rom-Hacks Here!
New Stuff:
Outside Castle, One New Level, Music Changes, MOP1+2+3, Bowser Stage finally working, and a few more stars... (15 Stars total).

It took me two weeks to complete this update.

No passwords, no crap, nothing, nada.
Still tho a link.

EDIT: At the beginning is it easy.. Then will it get harder... and harder... AND HARDER... AND... softlock.
imo It would be a 3/5 for Difficulty
All new amazing S U P E R M A R I O 6 4 Hack!

Plenty of content and plenty of a PI-HINK GUY

Kirby 64: Crystal OATMEAL

0/5 star difficulty

Sayori Bae 64: Idiot Edition

It's about sayori and nothing else, supposed to be a meme hack made for soloq/truebacca/ktanenoob etc.

I guess you could say this is version 1 of the idiot edition so I'll be making a full version of it simply titled Sayori Bae 64 as a different game.

Youtube Video:


oh and difficulty should be etiher 2 or 3.
put a new download for SM64 Craftwithcookies Level Pack
There's a ROMHack made by Ingo H that I want to download, but the download doesn't work. Can someone make the download work? (It's a ROMHack called Super Mario 64 Green Demon Challenge 1.4) Here's the link:
1 Life = 1 A Press (1L1A) v1.0

Made by me, 8lue64.

It changes lives into A Presses that you can collect.

When you use the A Button, you will lose an A Press, but if you run out of A Presses you can no longer use A.

Over 120 A Presses have been added throughout the game to collect.


Patch Download :
I got a hack.

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I am pretty inexperienced. I made this myself (inspired by Geoshithered/CJes) I am 13 years old and this hack is STILL in the process, possibly might start doing SM64DS But Don't know yet. Tell me what you think! Release video(s) here -

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