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"Autoterapia" will be the title of the new and awaited work of IZAL, an album that will be released at the beginning of 2018, and which will return them to the stages after and almost a year of retirement, in which the studios of La Casa Murada (Tarragona) have become their second home in recent months, and in the perfect space to shape their fourth studio work.wozz2do

Born of artistic and economic self-management, IZAL launches its first EP "Teletransporte" in 2010. After this, they published in 2012 "Magic & Special Effects", the group's first long-term work, which was followed in 2013 by "Holes de Worm". Already in 2015 saw the light "Copacabana", the last album of the group to date and with which they have reaped great success, becoming a gold record, giving the international jump and hanging the poster of 'sold out' in the Most cities -including the WiZink Center in Madrid and the Sant Jordi Club de Barcelona- during their touring tour in large halls.

Throughout its history, thanks to its good musical know-how and its differential character, the band has risen with the Rolling Stone Award to the Revelation Group 2013; the Independent Music Award for Best Artist RADIO3 in 2014; and the Fest Award for Best National Direct in 2016, among others. In addition, his works have been placed at the top of the sales charts and have even reached number 1 on the Colombian public radio (Radionics), which chose "Copacabana" as the best song in its top 100 last year.

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