Super Mario Star Road
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Hello everyone~
Some people may already have met me and know me very well~ ^^

As for those that haven't, my name's Davin and it's very nice to meet you all ^^

I'm ROM researcher and I enjoy experimenting with all kinds of stuff. My most recent is experimenting around with map header data in Pokémon Black/White Version on the Nintendo DS.

Over the years, I've also had interest in many other games as well, such as SM64 and various other N64 games. Not to mention also researching unused DLC content in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity and documenting it's findings on TCRF.

Always been interested in ROM hacking since 2008 after the discovery of Zel's Pokémon Shiny Gold and joining PokéCommunity as well.

I'm always willing to learn new things too, and always will be.

I'm also a very open person, so you're more than welcome to message me anywhere and even get to know me, I'm more active on Discord, so I'm sure you'll find me on the SM64Hacks server as well ^^

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