Ztar Attack 0.5: Mario Escape From the Jail
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J-22's Tutorials: Getting Started [#1] (B)
Hello Everyone,
In this Short  Tutorial, I will show you how to prepare your (first) Rom Hack, and show some useful Programs for editing your Rom, that you probably need later.
I will try to keep this Tutorial Simple as possible, and if you got any problems, just reply down below!
Oh and by the way, the (B) in the title means for Beginners, the (A) in the title means for Advanced users. (You may need to keep an eye on that...)

Step 1: Getting Everything that is needed (For #1).
What you will need:
  • The SM64 Rom (Clean)
  • SM64 Rom Manager (Version 0.5.6 or Better)

If you like to, you can get a Starter Pack for almost most of the stuff you need for the beginning.
Click here to download, keep in mind that this does not include the rom itself. (You can grab a rom by simply searching it on the Web.)

Here is what you need to keep in mind when searching for the Rom:
[Image: 4wWgp5x.png]

Step 2: Getting the ROM Prepared.
This isn't much harder to get your Rom successfully prepared. It takes just a few Clicks.
If you downloaded the Starter Pack and your rom, you should then Include these both files:
[Image: EvAHdVo.png]

Then do the following steps:
> Open the Rom Manager
> Import the Rom

[Image: DvtHU9e.png]

> Extend the Rom by simply clicking OK on the next pop-up window.
Once everything is done, it should look like this:

[Image: fHuHkBG.png]

Step 3: Apply Tweaks
This is the last step of preparing the Rom.
It will also be easy, so don't worry about the stuff getting "hard".
I started by simply adding a name to the rom hack...
[Image: 3fullKB.png]  :ok_hand:

The next thing (which is very Important) was applying the tweaks.
To do it, head over the "Modules" drop-menu and select "Tweaks".

[Image: Jx3ystd.png]

Then Apply any tweak you like. I used these Tweaks (You can use them too, "optional" ones are not needed.):

[Image: B7Mg75b.png]
Then don't forget to save the Rom! After this step you can start the Rom with the included Emulator.
Also the Emulator is already pre-configurated, you only need to configurate your controller.
After everything is done, you can start your Rom Hack!

[Image: U464Cbj.png]

And Well, there you go, you prepared your Rom!
If you have any issues or if I missed anything, you can simply reply and I will respond soon.

Have a good day!

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