Star Revenge 8: Scepter of Hope
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Volunteer List and Role Guidelines
If you want to know how to rise through the ranks, you've come to the right place. We want to make sure everyone of our volunteers is being treated fair and equally based on dedication and activity, and I have developed this system based heavily on input from the volunteers themselves.

Forum UserDiscord UserRolePrimary Objective
Agyroth*Veteran Staff(Veteran, prev. Hack Manager)
Astaroth#5960VolunteerContent Creation
JediJessJediJess#1769AdministratorHack Management
linky628*linky628#1609StaffHack Management
megaqwertification*megaqwertification#3976Veteran Staff(Veteran, prev. Forum Setup/Designer)
mopplopmopplopVeteran Staff(Veteran, prev. wiki updater)
Owen JonesOwen Jones#9510Veteran Staff(Veteran, prev. Discord founder/admin)
Retro ReviverNicholas#7461AdministratorHack Management
RinRabbit*Veteran Staff(Veteran, prev. Hack Manager)
Yuu [Eddio0141]Yuu [Eddio0141]#0141ModeratorModeration

* Co-founder of SM64Hacks


VolunteerBasic role for volunteers who don't need other roles to carry out their objectives.
ModeratorRole for volunteers who primarily moderate chat and forums, and therefor needs these priviliges.
AdministratorRole for volunteers who needs administrative priviliges for i.e. administering forums, backend coding or adding rom hacks.
Staff(Administrator in Forums) Role for any of the above who's been elected staff by other volunteers for outstanding contribution to SM64Hacks.
Veteran Staff (Administrator in Forums) Previous staff members who's been staff for at least one year, or have meant a gret deal to the SM64Hacks, but for various reasons can no longer be active in the community.
WebmasterThe current owner of SM64Hacks, currently Vidoy.

Objectives and Activity

Every volunteer (except Veteran Staff) must from now on have an objective, a primary reason for their volunteer status. This does not mean you cannot help out with other things as well, i.e. an administrator may still moderate, and everyone may help managing hacks. The objective is simply your primary reason for your role.

Current objectives:

Moderation - Moderating posts in Discord and forums.
Hack Management - Adding and editing hacks in our hack list.
Technical - Coding and web server management.
Content Creation - Making YouTube videos or other content.

If we have agreed upon another objective, please contact Vidoy#8767 on Discord.

Every volunteer must from now on have at least a slight activity in the community. Activity is measured in various ways, based both upon general activity and activity within your objective. Please don't worry too much, only volunteers who's shown absolutely no signs of activity over a period of months will be considered inactive.

Volunteer Votes

Twice a year (march and september), a vote will be held to determine the future status of volunteers. Here we will decide

- Who gets nominated for staff
- Who gets denominated from staff or forcibly added to veteran staff
- Who gets removed as a volunteer due to inactivity
- Removal of volunteers who doesn't comply with Rules of Conduct

Removal of volunteers who doesn't comply with other rules is done in another process. Message Vidoy#8767 on Discord if you see such behavior.

All nominations are done by Vidoy, but any volunteer should dm suggestions to Vidoy#8767 on Discord if any. All suggestions and votes will be kept anonymous and private, and everyone must respect the privacy of this process.

With this process, we hope to keep a healthy and happy volunteer community on SM64Hacks for years to come Mario I hope you're happy to be a volunteer here, please feel free to contact me if anything.
SM64Hacks is 100% non-profit Mario

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