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Form submission: New Hack Submission
Title of Hack: Super Mario 64 : New Levels [BETA]

Description: That's my first hack, so don't expect anything amazing!

You are Mario in your normal worlds and adventures... or not! The levels are the same, but with new tricks and textures that you need figure it out.

Sorry if is not too much, again that's my first hack.

Hack Type: SM64

Total Stars: 120

Required Stars: 70

Proposed Hack Difficulty: 1 - Requires frequent use of wall-kicks or challenging jumps

Creator(s): Name : Yuri Mendonça de Freitas WebName : CartuchoAssoprado

YouTube Video Link:

Wiki Link:

Other hack info: This hack only contains only minor changes (model/texture replacements)

Apply as Hack Creator: Yes, I would like to apply as a Hack Creator on the website.

Downloads: Version: [BETA]
Release Date: [28/02/2019]
Download: [https://mega.nz/#!rmZCwaBR!8ia76N5zZo_Ys...ocSzmHBDoI]

Request safe storage:


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