Super Mario 64: Multiplayer
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Super Mario: Power Star Expedition
Well, I don't really like the hub world that I made anymore, so I just scrapped it from the game. I might post a few screenshots of the new hub world when I make it, though.

Anyway, here is a course that I had just started recently:

Spooky Ghost Mansion

Also, here are a couple of screenshots of a course that is very close to completion:

Scorching Volcano (name will change) Pic 1
Scorching Volcano Pic 2

For this course, all I need to do is fix a few minor things, align a few more textures, and finish the volcano part.

Once again, feedback will be greatly appreciated. Mario
Well, I figured that I should post an update for the very few people who care about this project, so here it goes.

So, this project is just over a year old now. That's actually really hard to believe. Unfortunately, in that time, I got very little done. At the moment, I currently have 3 incomplete main level models, 6 incomplete side course models, and some other minor things done. That's it. If you look at the main post, though, you will notice that there are screenshots from more than 3 of the main courses. Well, that's because most of those models have now been scrapped. Specifically, I scrapped courses 1, 4, 8, and 9. So the only old courses that remain are 3, 6, and 10. By the way, I don't have a release date for this. I'm hoping to finish this by next year, but that probably won't happen.

Anyway, I'll just leave this screenshot of the secret sky level here (this is the level I'm currently working onBoo

This level will contain three parts, one being a sky area, which is what you see above, another will be a dark cave area, and the last one will a sky/rainforest area. Also, I will finish the UV mapping later. Finally, the only thing not made by me in that screenshot is the cloud next to the starting platform; it's actually from Super Mario Galaxy.

So, uh, yeah, that's everything I wanted to say. If you want, you can post feedback. I would really appreciate it.
Here's a screenshot of a subarea in Goomba Skylands (yes, I changed the name):

I know it's not a lot to look at right now, but I am aiming to post screenshots more frequently, so you should expect screenshots like this that don't reveal a lot. It's actually a good way to show that I'm still working on the hack without spoiling too much. Oh, and that platform took forever to model, by the way.
I made some more progress in course 10. Here are some screenshots:                          

I know the course isn't too different, but I kind of just wanted to post some screenshots, so there they are. Also, this level already has over 9,000 polygons in it somehow, and I'm not even halfway done. That kind of worries me, as I believe SM64 can only support up to 20,000 polygons. But, I can probably delete quite a few polygons for the collision map, so hopefully there won't be an issue.
Looking good as always. When this comes out it's gonna be awesome.
Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.
Good ideas here. How many stars do you think will be in the final?
Yours Truly
The Fancy Spider
Wow, I haven't visited this place in a while; sorry for the late reply. Anyway, this hack will contain 80 Power Stars.
Well, I have some bad news: I'm probably going to cancel this project. 

It really seems like I am getting absolutely nowhere with it, and I feel like if I were to finish it, it would take a couple more years, and I don't think I'm willing to spend that much time on this project. I mean, I started working on this over a year ago, and all I have are a few incomplete models. I am not saying that I don't enjoy making models for this hack, because I actually do, but I just can't seem to get a single one complete, and I have lost a lot of motivation because of that. 

Also, I just started to work on my New Super Mario Bros Wii hack again, and I am really enjoying that, and it is easier to get things done. 

Finally, just to be clear, I don't know for sure if this hack will die, but it is more than likely to happen. So, if it does happen, I may polish some or all of the incomplete models a bit and release a patch (if enough people want me to do so). Anyway, I think I covered everything; thank you for reading. I hope you understand.

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