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Shining Stars 3: Sanctuary of the Star Comet
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A wild Yoshi appears!
Some of you may know me from the twitch chats or maybe even from discord, but yes it's me!  OpieOP 
I've been aware of the existence of the site and the forums, but today decided to create an account and start an adventure here Mario

A small introduction: I've been into hacking for quite some years, at least for the SMB1 hacks, so far finished only one full hack and it's a pretty tough one.
Right now I'm working on making a second hack, also SMB1, but this time Yoshi is the hero, so this time I go a little further with hacking the rom. So far only the sprites are done (I could show you guys a preview!), so the real thing will start soon as soon as I finish my current active project, which is SM64EE. Once I've done 5 levels and 2 secrets and B1, I will release a demo and then return to my main project, after finishing that it's back to sm64ee again. (Not aiming for the most difficult full hack ever btw, aiming for 74EE tier maybe)

Other than that I just mainly watch streams I like and talk with others, whenever it's about the stream or memes (or spamming OpieOP s), it's always fun Yoshi

I could tell more, but I can do that later on because otherwise this post turnes into a huge wall of text lol

So yeah, that's what I'm doing mostly, feel free to ask questions about my projects and I'll answer them Mario
welcome ! join the discord if like to speak with community ^^
JunkJumper ~

Follow me on twitter : JunkJumper ~

Follow me on twitter :

Original account had some issues with posting anything here, so I'm now on a fresh new one  FrankerZ

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