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Super Mario 64: The Green Stars
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Who manages the publications of all hacks?
Hello Guys!
Recently, did i uploaded a video about my rom hack 2 days ago, and published my Alpha Demo Version on Origami64.
But after i wanted to see, how i get so many views, did i first expected that the O64 Community watch the previews.

[Image: fd591681790901296a80f1f025ccc7ff.png]

I was wondering why my Rom Hack is at here too. Even though, i didn't uploaded there.
So, who uploaded/showed my hack there? I mean it is fine if it is there, but i was only wondering how it get there.
The goal of sm64hacks is to list every publicly available hack in one big library, all pre-patched, to give players an easy way of finding new and exciting rom hacks to play. All hacks are uploaded by staff members to keep the list clean from spam and duplicates and to upload all files to the same host to keep every hack downloadable.
<p> &lt;3 <br></p>
Jecket you look like koopaxtreme456
(09-06-2017, 12:30 AM)SuperLuigi Wrote: Jecket you look like koopaxtreme456

Closely but not exactly  Kappa 

But Well... What a coincidence.

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