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Star Revenge 7: Park of Time
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The #1 problem running a hack and how to fix it
Getting an error like the one on the image below? Lots of first-time players experience this error while trying to play. This is because rom hacks usually require more allocated memory (8MB), I'll show you how to fix this in this guide. (The exact error may vary)
[Image: cf9fbb2f25543a7b1600a58b386cdaf5.png]

First, click on the Options menu and choose Settings...
[Image: c2151158b997c661822d9ae8bf80cd6d.png]

Choose the Options tab and uncheck Hide Advanced Settings, then click OK
[Image: 8b4653c18d5f087a10ad66abf0775f66.png]

Now go back into Options and click Settings... again, and it should look like this now
[Image: ba60b42caf03ee528cc8572a5b45b1ed.png]

Now choose the Advanced tab and set Default Memory Size to 8MB, then click OK
[Image: 7b70a30c67f5630a69a8f236a3839961.png]

Congratulations Mario the hack should run just fine now!
[Image: e8022c8c73b150d40b8de2343bc94cb5.png]
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