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Shining Stars 2: Mirror Madness
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Submit Rom-Hacks Here!
New Stuff:
Outside Castle, One New Level, Music Changes, MOP1+2+3, Bowser Stage finally working, and a few more stars... (15 Stars total).

It took me two weeks to complete this update.

No passwords, no crap, nothing, nada.
Still tho a link.

EDIT: At the beginning is it easy.. Then will it get harder... and harder... AND HARDER... AND... softlock.
imo It would be a 3/5 for Difficulty
All new amazing S U P E R M A R I O 6 4 Hack!

Plenty of content and plenty of a PI-HINK GUY

Kirby 64: Crystal OATMEAL

0/5 star difficulty

Sayori Bae 64: Idiot Edition

It's about sayori and nothing else, supposed to be a meme hack made for soloq/truebacca/ktanenoob etc.

I guess you could say this is version 1 of the idiot edition so I'll be making a full version of it simply titled Sayori Bae 64 as a different game.

Youtube Video:


oh and difficulty should be etiher 2 or 3.
put a new download for SM64 Craftwithcookies Level Pack
There's a ROMHack made by Ingo H that I want to download, but the download doesn't work. Can someone make the download work? (It's a ROMHack called Super Mario 64 Green Demon Challenge 1.4) Here's the link:
1 Life = 1 A Press (1L1A) v1.0

Made by me, 8lue64.

It changes lives into A Presses that you can collect.

When you use the A Button, you will lose an A Press, but if you run out of A Presses you can no longer use A.

Over 120 A Presses have been added throughout the game to collect.


Patch Download :
I got a hack.

Attached Files
.zip   Quiggles.ZIP (Size: 78.76 KB / Downloads: 580)
I am pretty inexperienced. I made this myself (inspired by Geoshithered/CJes) I am 13 years old and this hack is STILL in the process, possibly might start doing SM64DS But Don't know yet. Tell me what you think! Release video(s) here -
A few months ago, people managed to get a system dump of the iQue Player, the Chinese version of the N64. The system came bundled with many big N64 titles, including this version of SM64. It is built off of the Japanese Shindou version, so that means no BLJBLJ BLJ

Compatibility of iQue ROMs with standard N64 emulators is a bit sketchy. I've done some testing of the iQue Mario 64 and found the following. 

PJ64 1.6: doesn't run
PJ64 2.3: boots, crashes when Mario jumps out of the pipe. 
Mupen64+: runs perfectly
Nemu64: runs perfectly

If anyone knows how to run this in PJ64, feel free to contribute. In the mean time, I think this unique version of SM64 deserves to be preserved on this site.

Edit: here is the link to the original iQue Player dumps
Ok for real...

Super Original Meme hack full release:

Bad meme hack that needs a download update.


3/5 50 stars needed 50 stars total If problems getting the ROM, don't be signed in to your google account

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