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TsucnenT's Super Mario Treasure World
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Submit Rom-Hacks Here!
Yes, hello again. I will this time make nothing wrong.
So I only want to update the download site of Super Mario 66, nothing more.

New Download link:

"Improved" Trailer of an older Pre-Beta Preview:

Description: "A 'Weird' small unfinished rom hack in development by Jecket. [Will be revamped!]"

Difficulty: Should be 1/5 or 2/5.

Stars: 17 | 8 Needed to beat the Game.

Comments [Alpha]: First Release
Comments [Pre-Beta]: New Levels
Comments [In-Dev Beta]: You're able to beat the game and 1/5th of the game is almost finished.
Kraft Dinner 64: Triple Cheese (V0.3.0)
YouTube Video:


Description: A Kraft Dinner 64 upgrade with more cheese, and new areas!

(This is an update to Kraft Dinner 64, so consider adding it onto if possible, Thank you.)
Made by me, Ninja Weedle 64
Weedle likes leaves. Toad likes bup.
Super Yeezus 64


Description: A high-quality Super Mario 64 graphics, music, and text hack.
(10-04-2017, 12:07 AM)poudink Wrote: A romhack or one of it's updates isn't available for download? Post it here!
Please post the download link and, if possible the release video of the romhack/update. Also, keep in mind that this site is only for SM64 and SM64DS hacks.

Quote:Just gonna squeeze this in in here, you may also send hacks to us privately through this form, although feel free to choose yourself, we will add it either way Mario
- Vidoy
SM64 Mania: (1.2)

Download Link:!h5ZRyaAK!s26DU11q0nWJy...nlD_QpNMRI

Here's a 30 star 4 world hack that is a sequel to my old unfinished hack, enjoy!

Download link

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