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Shining Stars 3: Sanctuary of the Star Comet
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Discord server rules
These are the full rules for use of our Discord channel. A short summary of these can be found in our Discord under #rules, but we always judge by the full rules.

1. No spamming, bot abuse or talking in the wrong channels. (You can spam a little in #off-topic)

Avoid spamming, except for in the #off-topic section.
We generally define spam as:
- Many messages or bot commands sent in a short amount of time
- Unnecessary use of ALL-CAPS-MESSAGES
- Messages without highly unserious content i.e. keyboard ramblings like ernferifkerÆGREJEROgir
Moderators may define spam as it happens and give a warning.

If you want to spam a little in #off-topic, make sure having and following a conversation in the channel is still possible.

2. No discussing extremist politics, such as sexism and racism.

We do generally support , and want to provide freedom of speech in our servers, but as this mainly is a place for discussing SM64 rom hacks, we ask that these conversations are taken somewhere else.

Please generally refrain from discussing extremist politics, as racism, sexism, religious hatred. Please try to keep political discussion to a minimun unless it's directly or indirectly related to the content or the community of SM64Hacks.

3. No commercial advertising, but you may still share relevant content if you feel like.

Avoid directly or indirectly linking or advertising to any content which you, your team or associates will directly or indirectly gain or profit off showing. Profit/Gain can be ex. money, credits, community growth or similar.

The link or advertisement is still allowed if at least one of the statements below are true:
- The content is hosted by SM64Hacks or one of our affiliates
- The content is entirely made by you, your team or your associates
- The content is a fan creation (ex. a rom hack, fan game, fan fiction, drawings etc.)
- The content is a website or community that is non-commercial, and is not directly similar to SM64Hacks

Feel free to ask an administrator/moderator if you are unsure. Moderators or staff may also make exceptions to this.

Remember, sharing links to relevant content is not advertising, this rule does not apply if you undoubtedly don't have any ownership or affiliation with the content. Feel free to share any video, picture, website, game or other content you feel like sharing with the community Mario

4. No flaming i.e. insulting, abusing, harassing, threatening or impersonating other users or rom hackers.

Serious verbal attacks or any direct or indirect personal insults are not allowed. Feel free to joke around, but make sure nobody gets offended.

Whether or not a user is offended or not is up to the insulted user. Feel free to apologize.

Do not threat or behave threatening against another member. Any threats towards users which may be serious will be reported to the staff of Discord, and may make you subject to legal consequences.

Do not at any point try to directly or indirectly impersonate sm64hacks discord members, forum users or any rom hack creator in our hack database.

5. No adult content, links to viruses, scams or illegal programs, or chat bots not approved by a staff.

We do not allow adult or pornographic content of any kind.
Sharing any form of digital virus or scam is highly illegal and will be reported to the Discord staff, this may make you subject to legal consequences. Applications which are known to be safe, but may appear as a virus in some antivirus programs, a.k.a. false positives are still allowed.

This discord is generally allowed for users of all ages. We ask that you generally avoid excessive cursing and sharing highly mature content, especially if you suspect any user(s) currently chatting/talking are particularly young.

We generally do not allow any non-approved bots or programs sending automated responses. If you want to bring or test out a bot on our server, only do this if you have permission from a staff member.

We will not stop you from using and build upon any content made by our members in your own projects, but you will have to leave the appropriate credit upon publishing.

6. Keep excessive cursing and mature content to a minimum, especially in front of younger members.

We generally allow some cursing on the server, but try to keep it minimal. Escessive cursing is defined as either multiple curse words in a single or a few messages short time apart.

Cursing in a threatening way towards another member is not allowed and will be considered threatening behavior.

Please avoid cursing altogether if you know or suspect a member is perticularly young or decent, or a member is chatting together with e.g. a younger sibling.

7. Respect opinions of other users. Feel free to debate, but keep the discussion objective and respectful.

As stated, this discord server is mainly for discussing sm64 rom hacks, and we ask that you take mature debates that involves politics, racism, sexism etc. somewhere else, unless it's directly related to the community. If you wish to discuss a topic, make sure to debate objectively and respectfully, and avoid stirring up anger.

To debate objectively, it can be smart to separate facts and opinions. If it's a fact, state who said it, (e.g. "This news site says this about that") and if it's an opinion, make sure everyone knows it. (e.g. "I think that's better, that's my opinion though")

8. We only allow constructive criticism of work and content made by other users. Please be respectful.

Please avoid unnecessarily critisizing hacks or other work made by other users. Remember that most of contebt posted in our channels are made by non-professionals in their own free time. Necessary criticism is still important, like constructive criticism to help the user improve, if they wish. Receiving criticism can be hard, so make sure to be respectful and try your best not to stir up the creator.

To make sure the user takes your criticism constructively, here's some tips:
- Be specific about exactly what points you're criticizing, and also how these could be improved. If you don't know exactly how, at least give some pointers.
- Make sure the user knows this is your opinion. This isn't easy, but statements like like "I think", or "In my opinion" etc. does wonders.

9. Do not harrass anyone on direct messages (DMs) based on discussions or info from this server.

We generally only moderate based on happennings inside our Discord server. However, if someone is harassed based on happennings inside our server, we reserve the right to still warn or ban you from our servers in order to prevent and stop harassement of our users.

Harassement in this case may be several things:
- Continuing a discussion from the sm64hacks discord directly with a specific user without the consent of the user
- Continous direct messages clearly based on member information from our serer, where the other user either doesn't respond, or states not wishing to speak outside of the server.
- Threats or scams, viruses or other programs sent by direct message based on discussions or informations
- All of the above, but continously messaging the user through mutiple discord accounts

Harrassement may otherwise be defined by moderators as it happens. New definitions will only result in a warning first time. If you wish to contact a user, we reccommend that this is agreed upon in our servers beforehand, or that you send the user a friend request together with a message of where you know the user from, and what you wish to discuss.

Warnings and consequences
We expect everyone using our Discord to have read, understood and accepted the rules. If you have any questions about the rules, feel free to contact @Vidoy#8767.

First time incidents will generally be considered mistakes, and you will only get a warning.

If you break the same rule after being warned or the incident is generally considered severe, you will be banned from our server for one day. The time of ban will generally be doubled each time you break the same rule. After breaking the same rules 3 times or more, we will consider a lifetime ban.

If you have been banned for life, we might still reverse the ban after a rightful amount of time, usually at least 30 days under normal circumstances.

If we suspect your violation to be intentional and premidiated, your account to intentionally be controlled by a bot, or we suspect your intentions being not to take part in our community whilst breaking our rules, you may be banned for life without a warning.

Any violation we deem necessary to be reported to the Discord staff will generally make you subject to a lifetime ban from our server as well. We will not consider any reversal of this until any relevant charges, including legal charges, have been either dropped or fully carried out. 

If you feel like you've been falsely accused or banned, or if you feel discriminated in our server, contact Vidoy#8767 on Discord, describe the case in details, preferably with screenshots or direct quotes, and I will take a look at your case as soon as possible. Noone else will be involved in the case unless you give the consent.

SM64Hacks is run on a voluntarily basis, unfortunately this means we can't always moderate content right away, and we cannot offer any form of compensation for lost time due to a false ban.

Have fun!

We at the SM64Hacks staff will do all in our power to make sure you and your friends will have a good time in our server. Simply follow the rules as good as you can and listen to our mods, and we're sure you'll have a good time at our server Mario have fun!
SM64Hacks is 100% non-profit Mario

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