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Star Revenge 3: Mario on An Saoire
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Text Edit Tutorial (Updated)
made a tutorial how to text edit SM64, there are already lots of tutorials about text edits out there, but this site doesn't have one and most (all?) tutorials don't include credits text editing.
It also is really easy, you should be able to use this tutorial with no ROM hacking experience

1. Get an extended SM64 ROM using SM64 Editor
Click "Open ROM", and open the original SM64 ROM. Keep clicking OK until you see "(Warning: you have not enabled extended boundaries. Check the 'ROM Settings' tab to fix this. )". After that close the window

SM64 Text manager:

2. Open the rom using SM64 Text Manager
Open the extended rom. Now you should see this screen:
[Image: dD0AUgf.png]
This tool is very easy to use, to select a dialog just click it on the left side, then edit it on the right side
The lines are to indicate the max dialogbox-size. Be sure not to pass the red line, since your text will get cut off if you do so.
You can also switch between dialogs, act names and star names using the top left buttons.
Save saves you rom. I'd recommend saving regularly just to be sure.
Revert selected reverts the text to what it was the last time saved.
The add, add new item and settings button are mostly for advanced ROM hackers, you don't really use them in text edits or small rom hacks.
Be careful not to go over the size limit in the top right.

3. When you're done test it using any emulator and maybe change some things (
[Image: JIrp6ae.png]

Hex editor:

4. Open the ROM (file) in any hex editor, I will be using HxD in this tutorial (
Using the search option search for something from the credits (like "Shigeru") 
[Image: TTZiEPE.png]
Hex editors require some getting used to but are easy to use
You can just type on the right side, you can't delete anything, just start from the left and add 00 on the left for empty space. Do not use the . on your keyboard, add 00 on the left side, otherwise it will show . at the credits (unless you want a .) You should leave the numbers and not overwrite them.
When saving in HxD also saves a backup in .bak form. I'd recommend making a normal backup if you don't know how to restore this or if you use a program without backups.

After that you're done, test your ROM again
That's it, you can now publish your text edit or change even more Yoshi

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