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How to import MP3s?
So, I'm kind of new to rom hacking, and I saw somewhere that someone had Imported a direct MP3/WAV into a rom hack with the N64 Sound Tool, but I have no idea how you can do that, and was wondering if anyone knows how?
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Well, SM64 basically uses MIDI-like sounds, but I know you can import small segments of voice/sounds if you wish, but only very short segments though. Not sure if you can do this without typing in the bytes mannually?
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It said in SKELUX's video a thanks to N64 Sound Tool, but when I've tried it, it just breaks the ROM with an "unknown opcode". Even when I've tried low sample rates of 16000.
You can't do "MP3" files per se, but rather a compressed mono 16-BIT VADPCM WAV file which can be imported as large samples via:
1. Allocating Space in the ROM by removing a huge chunk of samples (As shown by Fish 64 1 and 2 which has massive samples imported into the game) (1-4 MB of Space, varied by how much space you allocate)
2. Using the "Add to End" feature which will not interfere with the original instruments in the game but is much more limited in space, (About .5 MB of Space max)

...but to be honest, you're better off just importing a bunch of tiny samples and doing it sequenced unless you want lyrical music.
Somewhat of an update of my previous reply-
Goto the documentations part of this site: I just made a major discovery 2 days ago that finally allows for full songs to be imported into SM64

(Please note that it might not work on some emulators if you use my preset 256MB ROM but it will work on Project64 and 1964 and possibly some versions of Nemu64 as well as some flashcarts and a few other emulators. You'll have to follow my video tutorial and set it up yourself if you want it to work in ALL emulators and ALL flashcarts on console)

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