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n64split v0.4a: ROM splitter and build system
queueRAM Wrote:n64split - ROM splitter, texture ripper, disassembler, script decoder

n64split is a tool capable of splitting an N64 ROM into its human editable assets: textures, assembly code, level data, geometry, music, and models; and include a build system that is able to take changes made to those assets and reconstruct a ROM.  The resulting ROM is almost bit compatible with the stock ROM and is N64 console compatible.

Windows Download v0.4a
Source Code and Project Page


Update 19 Dezember 2015: n64split v0.4a
  • new config files: SM64 (J), SM64 (E), MK64 (U)
  • add IA4 and IA1 graphics types
  • add command line options: large textures, proc table, output dir
  • disassemble %hi/%lo macros and BAL instructions
  • add automatic config file detection based on header checksum
  • corrected a lot of textures in the SM64 configs
  • add music sequence bank and instrument set parsing
  • add collision data parser and export to Wavefront OBJ
  • add sm64walk tool to walk through SM64 level scripts
  • correct SM64 behavior script lengths
Update 13 July 2015: n64split v0.3.1a
  • fix major bug introduced in n64graphics due to texture renaming
  • update INFO and stats messages from n64split
  • add ROM validation and support for .v64 (BADC ordered) ROMs
  • add hello world example
Update 10 July 2015: n64split v0.3a
  • 100% of behavior scripts decoded and most behavior references detected
  • ~99% of asm sections disassembled
  • use label for references in geo layout commands 0x0A, 0x0E, 0x0F, 0x12, 0x18, 0x19, 0x1C
  • generate assembly files for standalone geo layout sections
  • detect more LA pseudo-ops that are split across JALs
  • add option to configure number of columns in data ptr tables
  • decode interaction table and functions
  • decode cut scene tables and functions
  • decode camera change table and functions
  • decode camera preset tables and functions
  • automatic detection and disassembly of dummy stub functions
  • removed individual texture subdirectories
  • add examples to skip startup screens and start right in level
  • switch HUD toggle example based off of Kaze's method from Green Stars
You can either drag-and-drop the SM64 ROM on the "split.bat" file
[Image: n64split_0.4a.png]
or run it from the command line:
tools\n64split "Super Mario 64 (U).z64"

This will split the ROM based on the contents of the configuration file "sm64.u.config".  The config file is basically a memory map that controls how the ROM will be split.  The default output directory is "sm64.split" which includes sm64.s top-level assembly file, behavior file, and directories for the levels, geo layout, textures, models and music:

+- bin/ - raw binary data from undecoded sections and MIO0 blocks
+- geo/ - decoded geo layout data
+- levels/ - decoded level data
+- models/ - level and collision models
+- music/ - M64 music files
+- textures/ - all ripped textures
+- behavior_data.s - behavior command bank
+- sm64.s - top level assembly
+- Makefile - generated Makefile with texture and level dependencies

Build System
The build system isn't very useful at the moment unless you just want to replace ASM, textures, or behaviors.  It does not yet support level importing unless you are brave enough to do it manually. Music importing is better, but still requires some manual tweaks.

The build system relies on GNU make (included) to detect changes in resources and mips64-elf assembler and linker to rebuild the ROM.  You'll need to either build or obtain mips64-elf toolchain on your own if you want to rebuilt the image.  The developer of cen64 also makes n64chain which provides prebuilt mips64 toolchains.  The current list is below, but you can find more info on his website: Usage
With mips64-elf bin directory in your PATH, just run 'make' from the command line, and it will handle the rest.
> make
mips64-elf-as -mtune=vr4300 -march=vr4300 -o build/sm64.o gen/sm64.s
mips64-elf-ld -Tn64.ld -Map build/ -o build/sm64.elf build/sm64.o 
mips64-elf-objcopy build/sm64.elf build/sm64.bin -O binary
./tools/n64cksum build/sm64.bin sm64.gen.z64

Note: you will see warnings about "multiple instructions in a branch delay slot" but those can be safely ignored.

I've included a set of simple examples of things you can do.  View the README in the examples directory on usage, but here are some screenshots, because who doesn't like pictures?

Hello World!
[Image: 9ppWwV3.gif]
Thanks to Jedi for implementing this version and Kaze for his ASM Tutorial!

Texture Replacement
[Image: snap0002_sm.jpg]
Wow, I have an autographed copy of SM64!

[Image: skybox_sm.jpg]
Do a barrel roll!

Color coins
[Image: color_coins_sm.jpg]
Thanks to info from cpuHacka101!

HUD Toggle with R
[Image: hud_toggle_sm.3.jpg]
Thanks to Skelux and Kaze for documenting their HUD toggle code.

High level n64split flow:
[Image: n64split_sm.3.png]

High level build system architecture:
[Image: n64buildsystem_sm.3.png]

Texture Ripping
The textures are ripped into proper PNG files with alpha channels in the gen/textures/ directory.  All of the textures are ripped including unused ones. Current texture count is 1662 (1096 if just counting merged skyboxes).

The disassembler is recursive, so it will disassemble the procedures in the labels list and all the ones it discovers through JALs.  It also somewhat intelligently decodes instruction pairs to macro instructions (like LUI/ADDIU to LA and LUI/LW pairs to LW) and adds proper labels JALs and local branches.  I still need to add the same for SW so we can get the $at register back.  e.g., here is the disassembly it produces for LevelCommand_05:


LevelCommand_05: # begin 8037E580 (0FB300)
 addiu $sp, $sp, -0x18
 sw    $ra, 0x14($sp)
 lw    $t6, 0x8038be28 # lui $t6, 0x8039/lw $t6, -0x41d8($t6)
 jal   SegmentedToVirtual
 lw    $a0, 4($t6)
 lui   $at, 0x8039
 sw    $v0, -0x41d8($at)
 b     .LLevelCommand_05_28
.LLevelCommand_05_28: # 8037E5A8
 lw    $ra, 0x14($sp)
 addiu $sp, $sp, 0x18
 jr    $ra

In the tools directory, there are some other misc tools that you might find useful.  They will print built-in help if you run them without any options on the command line.
  • f3d - tool to decode Fast3D display lists
  • mio0 - standalone MIO0 compressor/decompressor
  • n64cksum - standalone N64 checksum generator.  can either do in place or output to a new file
  • n64graphics - converts graphics data from PNG files into RGBA or IA N64 graphics data
  • mipsdisasm - standalone recursive MIPS disassembler
  • sm64geo - standalone SM64 geometry layout decoder
  • sm64extend - fast, compatible SM64 ROM extender
  • sm64compress - SM64 extended ROM fixer and compressor
  • sm64walk - SM64 level script interpreter

There may be bugs and you can probably get it to crash.  Feel free to report any issues on github or here.

Thanks to Skelux, Kaze, cpuHacka101, shygoo, David, and Jedi for inspiration, examples, and putting up with all my stupid questions.

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