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CajeASM v7.24 (Stable) - Open-Source N64 Assembler
Tarek701 Wrote:CajeASM - A MIPS R4300i Assembler

CajeASM is, as the title states, a MIPS R4300i Assembler and soon a PowerPC Assembler for GC and Wii. If you aren't aware yet, what exactly "Assembly" is, let me sum it up for you:

Assembly is basically a low-level language. With assembly we give the game or to be more specific the CPU "commands" to do something. That could be a very simple task like adding 1 and 1 or a more complex task like calling a subroutine(or better known as function) and passing arguments. 

Download Link:

[Image: zip.png]   CajeASM (Size: 724.78 KB / Downloads: 453) 

(PLEASE IMMEDIATELY RE-DOWNLOAD CajeASM if you downloaded it before 04/12/2015)

CajeASM Source
CajeASM is now open-source.

Note about source (PLEASE READBoo
Tarek701 Wrote:CajeASM GUI folder contains GUI source. Coding is probably confusing to some of you, but I tried to keep it as good as I could. Parser and lexer are just chaotic and don't even bother to change anything in there except if you know what you're doing.

The application is released under GPL v3.0, meaning you're actually allowed to distribute modified binaries, but still need to give me the copyright for the original software + link to this topic here, so people can actually download the official version. If someone is actually able to fix a bug before me or fix other stuff before me and I think it fits well, I might include it into the official release and credit you.

To assemble something in CajeASM, just watch this video. It shows a sample ASM Code assembled to a SM64 ROM.

SM64 Hacking - CajeASM : How to assemble an ASM File to your ROM

If you know assembly, you can do a lot of nice stuff.


FLUDD by Kazeshin(aka KazeBoo
[Image: 5c3a03ef57a1ee9225e096563c8e7b41.png]
(Full Video: FLUDD)

Shop Guy by Tarek701/Cajetan (aka meBoo
[Image: 0b56212cb26eca48631e1e8e4c801835.png]
(Full Video + Download Link: Shop Guy v0.2)

More Objects Patch by Kazeshin(aka KazeBoo
[Image: 841755458b0e31ebcd05d8ee35e7b009.png]
(Full Video + Download Link: More Objects Patch)

Original post by Tarek701 from

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