Super Mario 64
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Star Revenge 8 - Scepter of hope
[Image: oJFQvZc.jpg]

Just to fill this forum a bit, I just make a progress thread about Star Revenge 8.
Idk how long the hack will be when it is finished, but it won't be too hard (doesn't count for
boss stages, you know me :P )

Course 1: Skyhigh Golfing (6 stars) - I'm trying to avoid 100 coin star, so you won't see that many coins...
kinda like SR1.

[Image: kEXLGw9.jpg]

Course 2: Crystal Beach (6 stars)

[Image: iwFz4jM.jpg]

Haven't done anything else yet other than this model, it is pretty much what the hack gives the name:

[Image: C7mmSBG.png]
Heart Touhou  Heart
What's the wand for? :P Looks like it could be a slide level, or just a "secret"
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Course 3: Mt. Blizzard (there is water in this level... just not in the model file tho)

[Image: QLAhMD6.jpg]

Also made a first version of the overworld for this, but it isn't really worth showing  OpieOP
Heart Touhou  Heart
That part in the upper left corner looks fun Yoshi is it slippery?
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Course 3 looks nice ^^

Also i got voyage 1969 done, i will upload to my youtube channel soon. Yoshi
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Utsuho is love, utsuho is life  Heart
You should have made a special something at the end like an old HUD Star Revenge 2012, it is the latest hack of series.

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