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Shining Stars 2: Mirror Madness
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Untitled SM64 Hack
I will be using this thread to document the progress of my first SM64 hack. It will be mostly vanilla, with 9 main courses and 80 stars.
Expect an update on the 1st of every month, regardless of the amount of progress I make.

Toad  Toady's Google Doc  -  Check on my progress at any time and leave suggestions on certain parts!
  • Enemies or Missions highlighted in yellow are unique to that course.
  • All ideas are welcome! Just leave 'em in the doc or in this thread.

Newest Screenshots
 (I should have the majority of the 1st course modeled in a week or so! Come back then :P)

My suggestions!

Level 1 OST: Super Mario Sunshine - Bianco Hills
Bowser 1 Name: Bowser's torture chamber
Level 3 Idea: Ice themed stage
Level 4 Mission 1: Big Bully's Battle
Level 6 Mission 2: Race Koopa the Quick
Level 7 Idea: Sky themed stage
<p> &lt;3 <br></p>
Looking forward to it Yoshi a little tip is also not to plan everything down to the last detail, just have fun with doodling maps and in the end you'll have enough for a full hack ^^
SM64Hacks is 100% non-profit Mario
Thanks for the suggestions so far.  Heart

Owen, I should specify that I'd like to have a gimmick for each Bowser course, so I'm holding out until I have a third idea.
I'm not worried about mission names until much later, but I will most likely have an ice or sky themed stage!

Vidoy, I have such a terrible time getting anything done that isn't planned. XD
It's probably just me, but knowing the missions, powerups, etc. makes doodling course layouts significantly easier.

Here's a doodle of course 2, Whomp's River Fort.
Some parts aren't drawn due to space and perspective, but this is an unfinished first draft anyways.
[Image: 8dc0d0b778.jpg]
So.... no updates last 4 months?? Even in your link every page says 0% complete... super bummer

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